This is a beast that has been referred to as the Yeti in the Himalayas. But it is called the sasquatch by Native American/Indians who live near the Rocky Mountains.  According to Native American stories, the sasquatch is large and hairy, about eight to nine feet tall, and resembles an ape-like feature.  They inhabit caves of mountains and amass the general area, they feast on whatever is near. The sasquatch is fearsome and dangerous; tales of a sasquatch putting fear into the hearts of the local people still exist.  A few credible stories have been told of people having encounters with a sasquatch. One such credible story from 1941 is by a man named Roy King.  He allegedly saw a sasquatch that was up in the mountain area. Another is more modern, two Vancouver teenagers had an unexpected meeting with a large and hairy humanoid (One that fits the description of a sasquatch) while they were in the forest. The legend of the sasquatch still floats about because of some of these stories that have reached to society.  Unfortunately, a lot of searches were short-lived and didn’t have much accomplished. One big reason for that is because of the treacherous expedition that one must do while in search for the the sasquatch.  The hunts for the beast still exist and the believers put their proof out through sightings or stories, and the flame of the sasquatch’s fire roars on Morris Mountain, or so the locals say.

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