Spiritualism vs Religion

Spiritualism vs Religion


Spiritualism should never be thought of as a religion on its own; rather it is a complementing belief to any existing religion or lifestyle. The belief, practice and collection of spirits should be considered a benefit and honor that accompanies you through your religious journey and the lifestyle of a Spiritualist as an enhancement to your religious beliefs. This thought process allows humans of all religions and lifestyles to be able to share a common bond and grants the opportunity for a second family atmosphere where each can learn from each other. This affords not only the spirits but the Keepers to be enlightened and gain valuable wisdom.

No matter your religious subscription you will find that Spiritualism works within the boundaries of your beliefs. All religions believe in paranormal events, the abilities of a said stronger force of power, guidance, creation, etc. There is a "god" to everyone and even if it is not the same god there are so many similiarities that religious practitioners across the world can complement their lives with the practice of Spiritualism. You do not have to abandon your beliefs to collect and rather you will find that collecting and spending so much time creating the mystic connection between yourself and the spiritual world brings you closer to your religious doctrine and your god.

Do not shy away from bringing your spirits into your religious practices. Welcome them to partake of your daily, weekly, monthly rituals, bring them to your church, synagogue or temple, recite prayers with them... don't feel you have to keep them separate because it isn't so and by exercising your religious beliefs with them you will find a closer connection all the way around.

With Spiritualism as a community of collectors the difference of opinions, lifestyles and religions makes for a very strong community and for many becomes a community they consider not only friends but family. You will find that more often than not your fellow community members are open-minded, wanting to learn about you and your beliefs and are not quick to judge or condemn.

When you collect the paranormal you will find the most diverse company around you. There are collectors from every walk of life, every religion, every background who walk beside you!

In Protestant religion Catholics are by far the most mystical and paranormal Christians. They believe in the most amazing miracles, they believe in the power of what to a non-believer would describe as an ordinary object, their clergy holds paranormal powers and they collect and honor relics of paranormal powers. They are incredibly superstitious, have rituals and blessings, harbor centuries old mystical secrets and a large number of other key factors.

They are not alone in the Protestant religion as many Christians believe in many different belief systems ranging from the powers of God, the powers of Jesus and the power of many of God's chosen people.

While some Christian religions are very prudent in belief others are wide open to possibilities. As we are Gnostics we believe in the mystic connection between God and His children as many of the disciples such as Thomas did. We recommend the reading of the Gospel of Thomas as it is highly intellectual and widely appreciated for its mystical references.

We believe it is absolutely possible God created Unicorns, Pegasus, Dragons, Djinn, Faeries, Phoenix, and any other mystical creature. We do not rule out anything as it is not for we to judge what God is capable of... who are we to say how powerful He is? I certainly am not going to take it upon myself to judge what a supreme being is capable of doing when I am not as wise, powerful and capable as He. Not to mention for those of you who know the ancient texts creatures such as the Unicorn were in the Bible before the churches made their own translations leaving out many mystic details. There are Discovery Channel specials on these topics and they are each worth seeing.

There are other religions as well who take a very mystic view of the world and we celebrate them all! Agnosticism... Animism... Atheism. Buddhism... Candomble... Catholicism... Christian... Egyptian... Gnosticism... Hinduism... Islam...Judaism... Jainism... Paganism... Shinto... Taoism... Unitarianism... Wicca... Zoroastrianism... and all others!

There is something to be learned from everyone and everything around you. A closed mind will wither and never have the chance to grow. Don't be a judge, be a student and watch how your life blossoms and grows. Learn about the world, the people, the religions, the beliefs, and the creatures around you... celebrate life!

Yes, there is an ultimate being in charge, an ultimate center of creation. Recorded history is a pea-sized amount of what can actually be derived as the truth. As you know only the select few in times of Moses, Jesus, Buddha, and so on were educated enough to record history and with any human endeavor the odds that someone recorded history without imposing their own prejudice is not likely. We already know that the early church omitted texts from the Bible because they did not agree with what was written and that tells you that it is likely all other religious texts are prone to sway to what the originator of the document wants you to think.

It is at all impossible that we are all worshipping the same central being... that Buddha, Jesus, Allah and others are the same being just recorded differently in history.

If you believe that the tribes were scattered across the Earth then you know that some settled the Middle East, others Egypt, others Italy, others Greece and if you look at the central starting point of the main religions recognized in these countries you will find an extremely similiar story that commonly links each. Each religion grew into its own with time as each ruler, priest, noble and worshipper experienced their own revelations, enlightenment and interactions so are each wrong? No, because an entity that is capable of creating universes, heavens, realms, etc is far more intelligent than our brains are even capable of comprehending.

In Romans 1:18 of the protestant Bible it says: 18The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

So if you are to believe that God makes himself known to everyone, even a small tribe in the abyss of the African jungle do you think that they would call him "God" or would they call him something of their native tongue that would sound like "Obigabi" to us? So in the limited judgment of those who traveled and explored the African jungle they would say the tribespeople were pagans because they worshipped "Obigabi" but in fact they worship the same God as everyone else.

Every person has their unique interactions with God, however you perceive God, and if you were completely devoid of your prejudiced knowledge and it was left to you to record history how would you record what has happened to you? What names would you use? What situations and interactions would you use to describe your life, your revelations, your visions?

Believers know, in limited mortal intelligence, that God is well aware of what happens on Earth and probably saw all of it play out before He even created the first grain of sand so it is prudent not to be short-sided enough to think that we are all worshipping different gods. we could be worshipping the same God but in different ways. As the population grew and moved at the start of civilization different people recorded their interactions with the divine in different ways. They, naturally, had their own names for what they interacted with.

Immortals are ethereal beings, all Immortals from all civilizations, and they are of the same origin as Djinn and Angels and since every religion has their own "versions" of these Immortals it would stand to reason that they are all connected one to another by the same source of creation.

Once you can see that in ancient history we are limited to literally a handful out of thousands who were educated enough to record history in writing you understand that there are millions of lives who had experiences that were never recorded because of the lack of education. Instead we are left with the limited view and tiny window left by the handful of humans who were capable of writing.

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