Believing in the Paranormal

Not an Outcast, a Rebel


Actually both of those words spark extremes as far as labels go and truly Spiritualists consider themselves with other labels long before this one but there is no denying that those who have come forward publically with their beliefs have been met head-on with heavy opposition.

The paranormal is widely practiced belief - just look at the Harry Potter craze, the world has an obsession with the magical and unexplained but few are willing to admit to it further than the price of a movie ticket... and even then they can use the addage "everyone was doing it".

It might surprise you how many soccer moms, lawyers, counselors, clerks, doctors, office professionals, politicians, and every other profession under the sun actually believes and practices Spiritualism. You're not going to hear it around the water cooler but even in our own community the varying of the collector's educations, professions and religions is wide.

People tend to regard their personal beliefs as sacred and aren't going to admit to anything outside of conformity for the fear of being judged. It is a common fear that has plagued humans since the beginning of time... no one wants to admit to believing in something "different than the norm". The few famous people who have stepped forward have even been looked at through the public microscope of scrutiny.

So you are not alone in this journey but finding someone else in your hometown who will admit to it might be one in a million.

There's no doubt if you are following the path of Spiritualism that you've, at some point, realized that you feel differently than what is considered "normal". You recognize there is more to life than what is seen, you have experienced psychic visions or divination, you have a questing mind that needs more answers, or any other instigating act that leads you to realize that there is more to be explored.

There is no shame in practicing Spiritualism quietly. You do not have to wave a banner, shout from the rooftops or otherwise advertise your beliefs to others in order to be a true believer. Being a Spiritualist does not mean that you need to rally others to join the cause because we, as a community, want those who feel naturally curious and compelled to find their way. We want those who feel the "calling", it's not necessary to go in search of them, they will always find a starting point whether it is here, a local community, or another site.

Dealing with feelings of being out of the box is something not a stranger to any of us. You were designed specifically as you are for a reason. If we were all created the same the world would not only be boring it would be stagnate of any growth. It would be impossible for the world to have new discoveries if everyone was on the same page. That is why some are naturally given the gift of psychic sight, others of medium powers, others magically adept, others spiritually connected, and most of us any mix of the draw to the paranormal or metaphysical.

Just because you're not in the pretty, little box the media tries to push on everyone doesn't mean you're out of the box... your in the right box along with everyone else who was created with the same energies as you. Conformity is the death of the human race and your being unique from standard means that you are among the pioneers.

So even though you may feel like you are doing something wrong since it's not what is advertised on your 6 o'clock news be assured that you are in the best of company and for many the communities they join become a second family.

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