Breaking the Vortex

Breaking the Vortex - Turn on Your Lights

Breaking the Vortex

Have you ever wondered why a child who is scared of the dark wants the lights on? Sure, they don't want to be scared by why do they want to turn on the light? It's the same reason when you're in a situation that is causing you fear & stress you want to do something to break the trance you're in. You want to deviate from the current energy vortex you're in.

Of course not all energy vortexes are bad... you get into an energy vortex when you're engaging in sexual activity which is euphoric, when you're in a sports activity which is motivation... and you can get into energy vortexes when you're scared. That is where the saying "fear breeds fear" comes from. Once you're in that vortex it sucks you in further and further until paranoia is at an all-time high and every noise, shadow & creak becomes something scary & unknown.

Being pulled into that kind of energy vortex is what makes children immediately want a light on when they're scared of the dark. They sense they are being affected and want something to break the trance. There is no doubt that breaking a vortex of energy will often subside the intense feelings that accompany it and most of the time where fear is involved you feel an immediate relief and usually once you are out of the vortex you can see that the scary shadow is a chair with a coat on it whereas when you were in the vortex your affected mind saw what it feared most.

The same can be applied across the board with paranormal activity. If you are sensing paranormal activity; energy, spirits, ghosts, etc and you deviate from the vortex you're in when you experience it and it still exists you know it's real. Of course if you are purposefully engaging in an activity that inspires paranormal activity such as meditation, astral travel, etc you don't want to break the vortex because you purposefully engaged in it. This article is geared more towards those who think their home is haunted or think there is something there that they cannot define.

To give you an example of what I am talking about I'll describe it in terms of a paranormal investigation. The sad truth about investigating a haunted home is you already know it's puportedly haunted when you go inside. Of course, since I believe almost all homes are haunted by something I have no preconceived notions about what may occur (see this article for discussion). However, many times you know the home's reputation before you go in and for investigators that can start the vortex which builds before you even place a foot inside. If you know the housemaid hung herself in the parlor then you already have a notion that you will sense something in the parlor whether there be a ghost there or not. This is why when investigating a place and we do sense something paranormal be it residual energy, a spirit or a ghost (see definitions) I like to break the vortex (if I feel I'm in one) by doing something counteractive to what we're there for. By turning on headphones with crazy country or dance music... opening a book in the home and start reading aloud in voice... or doing something mundane like opening the refrigerator or going through the cabinets... anything that breaks your mindset & the energy vortex you're in because if whatever you sensed continues despite your lack of being sucked into that frame of mind previously then you know it's real. And of course you have to actually remove yourself from the vortex for it to be a valid gauge... you cannot pretend to remove yourself, you actually have to put yourself in a different frame of mind.

Ghosts, spirits and residual energy do not only exist in homes that are creepy, large, spider-web covered and only come out when the lights are off. This is a gross misconception. They all exist whether you are in the pitch black or if you have every light bulb in the house glowing. They don't say to themselve "Quick hide, the living room light is on!". As someone who lives amongst spirits & ghosts every day I can tell you they are quite active whether you have lights, a TV, radio, computer or even a brass band marching through your kitchen. They exist because they exist, not because the lights are off and night vision cameras are aimed at them.

We get a fair number of emails a month from people who say they feel they are being haunted or are being attacked by demons or demonic entities. It's very difficult to sort through the people who are truly experiencing something and people who may have experienced something at first and kept the experiences alive through the panic & fear in their own energy vortex creating thoughtforms that are attacking them. Such as a woman who wrote to us and said every time she sits in a chair in her living room she feels like something bad is around her. Firstly, I told her to stop sitting in the chair. If she felt something bad the first time don't sit in it again. Then I told her to rearrange her living room furniture. Once it was moved around to sit where the chair used to be and see if there was still something there, she came back and said "no". I said to try sitting in the chair where it resides presently and see if she felt anything, she came back and said "no". She never had a problem again. What was the initial problem? It's difficult to say without having experienced it myself. It could have been a thinning of the veil between realms just at that time & place or it could have been something else entirely but if she had not contacted us and asked and if she had gone on her own continuing to sit in the chair she could have started a fear vortex that would have continued to grow and in her own mind built fear towards other things, sounds, smells, etc and it could have spiraled out of control.

If she had moved the chair to the other side of the room, sat in it and still said she felt something bad we would have moved from that point to diagnose the problem. If she had sat in the place where the chair used to be we would have started a diagnosis but because breaking the pattern dissolved whatever she was feeling it was evident that either it was just a feeling she had on her own or whatever it was had gone.

Are their situations where ghosts or spirits only occur or happen under certain circumstances? Yes. However, it does not negate breaking a vortex. If you know that (and this is just an example) a ghostly funeral service only occurs the 21st of every November at 11pm CST in the cemetery then of course going to the cemetery on any other day would produce nothing. However, if you show up at 9pm CST on November 21st waiting for the funeral to appear and you are in such a frame of mind that you start sensing things around you before they are supposed to happen then you would need to break the vortex to be in the right frame of mind when you know something it supposed to happen. The human mind is a very complicated & mysterious part of ourselves that has power beyond our comprehension. It has the ability to create things that are truly not there and therefore to safeguard us from ourselves when doing paranormal investigations be it in our own home or abroad we need to make sure that we are in the reality & not the fantasy.

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