Your 3 Bodies - Their Independent & Collective Abilities

Three 3 Bodies

Everyone has 3 bodies; Astral, Spiritual, Earthen.

The Earthen body is your physical body; what you see & use every day. It resides on the Earthen Realm.

The Astral body is the body connected to the Astral Realm. When you Astral Travel or Astral project (for examples), you are utilizing this body.

The Spiritual body is the body connected to the Spiritual Realm. When you work on conjuring, spirit discovery (for examples), you are utilizing this body.

These bodies are all a part of you, they are all unique to you & you only. They are extensions of your whole person. Each of these 3 bodies exists both independently & collectively. What your Earthen body is doing is not always what your Astral & Spiritual bodies are doing. And while one body may lay dormant or sleeping, the other bodies can be active.

Alignment of these 3 bodies is the ultimate in being able to utilize the full gamut of abilities, powers, and influence each body possesses. These bodies can be individually developed, or collectively developed.

We are going to review these bodies and what they are capable of.

Three 3 Bodies Mind

Each of your 3 Bodies has its own "mind". They are capable of collective-simultaneous thought and of thinking on their own.

The Divine Mind is governed by the Astral body. Like the soul it is incorruptible by outsiders, but if you choose to corrupt it on your own then you are responsible for the outcome. The Divine Mind cannot be corrupted through magick attack, psychic attack, spiritual attack, or attack by any other means. It is a pure & divine aspect.

The Spiritual Mind is the driving force behind your faith, beliefs, and urging you to learn more about yourself in the sense of spiritual connection. You are guided and sent towards a greater purpose and understanding. You desire to know more about who you are, why you are, and where you come from.

The Physical Mind is what you are using, right now, to read this thread. It is the mind you think with every day. It is a mind which evolves easily & quickly based on experiences, information gained, what is seen & heard, and is the most susceptible to exterior attacks. The Physical Mind is the most mold-able and shape-able of all the minds.

Three 3 Bodies Powers

Your 3 bodies can naturally possess and develop individual powers and abilities from the other bodies. Your Astral body may naturally have Third Eye abilities and the ability to view physical manifestations as your 3 bodies, though independent on their own Realms, are capable of being with each other any of the 3 Realms.

Your Spiritual body may be able to tap into & utilize any supernatural powers and gifts more rapidly & efficiently than the other bodies. And, your Earthen body may be able to hear spirits or spiritual activity more prominently than your other 3 bodies.

When these powers & gifts become localized to one body you often feel a disconnect between them. You can feel the ability exists within you, but it's just beyond your reach. That is why 3-body alignment and working with all 3 of your bodies to achieve goals and abilities is so important.

Some people opt to independently strengthen their bodies because they do not wish for certain abilities to be prevalent in their other bodies; that is completely up to you. You may wish to be able to see spirits through the Astral Realm but have no desire to see them on the Earthen Realm. You may wish to use your Spiritual body to use your Third Eye for spiritual endeavors, but not want to open your Third Eye anywhere else.

Because the bodies are all part of you they are capable of sharing information between each other and even sharing skills to some degree, but they can be aligned & excised together as a virtual super-power of yourself, or you can choose to develop them independently and utilize them for their own strengths & abilities, and you can even find something in-between where your 3 bodies share some traits and are strengthened together, but then retain a few, independent powers.

Your bodies are amazing and have great potential within them. It's entirely up to you how you wish to proceed. When used together your 3 bodies can move mountains.


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