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You see these tags applied to "normal" humans time and time again throughout history... what makes them "super"?

People who have unnatural strength, people who can comprehend vast mathematics, science, space, people who perceive and/or invent things hundreds if not thousands of years before they actually come to fruition, people who have incredible skills in arts or music... where does it come from? Divine intervention? Maybe... maybe the answer is simple but to some extraordinary.

Few dispute the fact that human life as we know it relatively new to the Earth in comparison to other entities identified here such as dinosaurs. In fact a Discovery channel documentary states that Neanderthals are not the same as Cro-Magnons however that was exactly our thinking not that long ago. That human is human is human no matter the time period we found them in . Now, we know that's not true. There are also ideologies within the scientific community that DNA can actually transmit information between generations and that you may have a slight impression of something that happened to your ancestor many generations before you. Obviously we have a long way to go concerning unraveling the mystery of "human" life. But are scientists (and everyone else) overlooking the obvious for the sake of not consenting there is validity to the paranormal community?

Giants, elves, centaurs, vampires and other super-beings that have been written about not only in one culture but NUMEROUS cultures and beings such as the giants actually are instrumental figures in the Bible, remember Goliath? The Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, Greeks, French, Japanese, Native Americans, Spanish, Aztecs, English, Mexicans... on & on and time & time again you see the parts played in legends and ancient history of super-beings. Not to mention, to return to the Bible, the fact that mating between Angels and humans is documented by Nephilim... so why are we overlooking the fact that MANY (if not most) of us probably have a tie to ancestral generations that mated and created offspring with these super-beings?

There are many branches of each race; different elves, giants, etc and each with their own capabilities and strengths just as the humans have diversity among our three races: caucasoid, mongoloid, negroid.

An offspring of human & wood elf would result in a being with both human and elf attributes. Perhaps they would inherit the elves light-foot, extreme dexterity without inheriting the physical attributes such as larger set eyes or longer fingers making them appear "human" but obviously not just human. It doesn't mean every offspring would be "super" it could be your big, blue eyes or long fingers are actually more to do with you inherited traits from one of these super-beings being passed generation to generation for thousands of years.

Considering humans, elves, giants, vampires, dwarves, trolls, etc share the same reproductive organs and share other common strands of DNA and chemical make-up as we are similiar in our physical form, eat & drink the same foods & liquids and give birth the same way shows that even perhaps the word "human" involves quite a bit more than just what we consider human today. Perhaps 2,000 years ago all of these beings were considered variants of "human".

It is obvious there are humans today who feel a strong pull to the paranormal, metaphysical, legendary and feel that unshakable bond between themselves and that "forgotten" world. They see a Unicorn picture or watch Lord of the Rings and it is outside of just entertainment, there is something else there that makes it personal, that brings a sentiment to them and likely we are overlooking the obvious as the answer; we as the human race have ancestral ties to this lost history.

The super-beings we see now, people with supernatural strength, with abilities beyond that of the ordinary, people like DaVinci, Tesla, Einstein... it is not impossible that the answer lay in times thousands of years ago in history that has become legend.

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