Imagine having a piece of copper; now imagine it changing into silver, and then that silver changing into gold.  This is a transmutation of metal. Greek Alchemist Zosimus from the 3rd or 4th Century explained a vision in which a homunculus performed a transmutation of metal without flaw.  The piece of copper was no longer that, but instead a piece of gold.  A really strange thing indeed, the homunculus is a little man small enough to fit in a tube. This is because they are ‘created’ instead of being born.  Instructions for a homunculus can be relatively recent, as in 1493-1541.  These alchemic instructions simply stated that you could make your own homunculus through a long and unusual process. Another account of a homunculus dates back to an earlier time, 1873. Dr. Emil Besetzny recorded 10 homunculi in bottles.  There may be a place in the future for these creatures, so as long the world of alchemy is persistent to learn more.

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