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We joined Yahoo in July 2007 at the behest of a collector on ebay. We were originally directed to the site because of some derrogatory information posted about sellers in this category and the immature comments aside were delighted to see there was a forum for Questions & Answers regarding the Paranormal.

Since that time we have had over 20 of our answers chosen as the "Best Answer". Here are links to those answers! Take a look and see if they can help you in some way. We LOVE being able to be a part of so many peoples paranormal journies. It has been such a heart-warming experience.

Best Answers:

Seeing things that aren't there?

Ok i amnot crazy but does anybody know any spells to try and say???

Does anyone know where there are any haunted roads or cemetaries?

Why is it bad to put up your middle finger?

Are Leprechauns Real... ?

Friday the 13th?

Physics are they for real of do they just take your money?

Dreaming of teeth and hair?

I read somewhere that faeries can grant wishes? Is that true?

Categories of Vampirism?

Is there a way to read peoples mind?

What do you think of chromatic dragons?

Pictures of a ghost....?

What do you know about ghosts?

What part of the Atlantis legend do you find the most interesting??

What does it mean to see a crow?

Do mermaids exist?

Does the Loch Ness Monster exist? I am a water person so my favorite mythical creature is the Loch Ness.?

Question for true pyschics/mediums/clairvoy... I have read on answers that TRUE pyschics/mediums/clairvoy...

What does Van Helsing have to do with Dracula?

Has anyone ever tried to summon any ghost through any mirror curses?

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