How Do You Pick Vessels?

How vessels are chosen is a question we're often asked. Depending
on what is being bound can dictate what kind of vessel is chosen.

For bindings we do often we choose vessels of sturdy, unassuming
character which is why we love using sterling silver. We would love to
have each spirit bound to one of Ash's custom silver pieces but we bind
so many spirits that there is no way we could make enough custom pieces
fast enough to be able to bind efficiently. So we use jewelry suppliers
with whom we can trust their quality. It is important to be able to
closely interact with your spirit during the first 30 days and small
objects, like jewelry, allow you to be able to be near your entity
without anyone in public being the wiser.

When I bind spirits I usually lay out a selection of vessels and
allow the spirit to choose what they would like to be bound to. I
always lay out the same selection ever day: jewelry, gemstones, dolls
and statuary and they are left to make the decision.

I find that by giving them a choice they are more energetically
bound to the object which works best for everyone all the way around.

As for haunted items that we have come into through estates, trades
at paranormal meetings, etc there are times, when dealing with human
spirits, they chose the vessel because it is something they loved while
alive or were wearing or near when they passed away.

Choosing the right vessel is important when you are binding and it
is always suggested you pick a sturdy vessel that can withstand daily

If you are learning to bind yourself I suggest having an assortment
on hand that contains gemstones, cut or polished. It is important
because beginners find binding to gemstones the easiest as the natural,
core energy of the Earth helps to pull and connect the spirit.

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