Protect Your Enchanted/Spelled or Spirited Vessels

Any practitioner of any level will tell you that protection of the
work they've done is of the utmost importance. You do not want what you
have created to be used by others without your permission. Certainly
if you were to lose an enchanted or spelled piece you do not want
someone to be able to unlock its secrets and sometimes you do not want
someone to even know that what you possess contains anything more than
the material it is made of.

This article provides you a free Dead Spell. A Dead Spell is a
Creepy Hollows original to make the magic, enchantments, spells or
spirits contained within an object to go "dead" whenever someone without
your permission touches it or comes near it; they are only active to
you and anyone else you grant permission.

Anyone who finds your pieces, steals your pieces or tries to uncover
the secrets of your pieces will not be able to. They will sense and
find only a "dead" vessel.

This is invaluable and can be used with any White or Dark Arts. You
can use it on as many pieces as you wish and it will not harm, lessen
the power of or otherwise detract from the bindings in any way. It only
prevents outsiders from being able to tamper with what belongs to you.

To prepare I always suggest using a cleansing spell because it never
hurts the spells or spirits and only cleansings the vessel or location
from any natural, negative energies.

Spell to use to cleanse the object & prepare it for casting:

With the tides of spiritual energy

Wash away the plaguing binds

Prepare this space for great magic

To be received & bound eternally

A clean canvas for gifts to be given

After you cast the Cleansing spell allow the vessel to sit for 5-10 minutes before proceeding.

Now you are ready to apply the Dead Spell to your vessel so others
will not now the powers of your vessel. You can also cast this on
yourself to make any spirits or spells you have bound directly to your
spirit undetectable by anyone unless you give them permission.

The Dead Spell

Great bindings find a shield to guard you

Hidden from the searching light & prying eyes

Cloak yourselves in these words of ancient protection

Ibyan mosetro eben (Eh-bee-an, moh-set-row, eh-ben)

The moment you finish speaking this spell it is bound.

If you want to reverse the spell and make it so anyone can detect
your spirits you will need to prepare a bowl of water seasoned with
fresh rose petals. Leave the fresh rose petals in the bowl of water
overnight before using or casting. I suggest casting the bowl of water
in case you are going to use it for multiple vessels. Place a dab of
the seasoned water on the vessel and leave it overnight to have the
spell reversed.

Reversal spell words: Gisaya ovtro medem (Gee-say-ah, oh-voh-tro, may-dem).

If you need stronger or different protection spells see Online Store: Vessel Protection

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