What Determines the Price?

There is no doubt that collecting paranormal objects can become
expensive. Depending on what you collect and the strength of the energy
of the object collecting can cost anywhere from a few dollars to
hundreds of thousands of dollars. So why the expense?

First the cost is determined by how the seller came into the
piece... was it inherited and therefore cost nothing out of pocket or
what it enchanted for the seller?

Enchantors always charge for their services and depending on
whether it is a single spell (usually $25 fee) or multiple spells ($50
and upwards) depends on how much it will cost for you to obtain the

Ebay has opened a portal for multiple collectors and sellers to
offer their objects to the general public and therefore the cost of
collecting has hit a haywire chord. It no longer becomes an issue of
how much an object is worth but rather the popularity of an item
dictates what a seller will be compensated.

However, before ebay existed collectors found trade and sale
through communities, organizations, Orders, Alliances, covens, and
friendships to be the only way to obtain treasures of enchantment and
therefore the availability and cost of casting dictated the worth of an
object. There are still objects you will never see on ebay's auction
offerings as to offer something supremely powerful to the general public
is all but too foolish... so they are only offered to trusted

So what do castings cost?

Class I - $10

Class II - $30

Class III - $75

Class IV - $150

Class V - $300

What effects the price? The price is drawn from the difficulty
and master skills required to enchant the object with the entity you
select. There are some entities that can cost up to $100,000 for one
piece... it all depends on what you want casted to an object.

You should keep this mind when you wonder why a seller is
charging so much for a particular piece. We have our pieces sent in
from states around the USA, and abroad... France, Spain, Italy, Germany,
China, Japan, Australia and Canada. Cast by friends in covens, Orders,
Alliances, communities and witches of favorable skill.

Enchanting an object is not an easy task, it requires the
knowledge and skill of those who make their lives with their trade.
Bear all of this in mind when you are considering the price of a
treasure you want to buy.

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