Spirits Procreating, Baby Spirits & Anything's Possible

I absolutely abhor the saying "Anything's possible" when used to
describe the paranormal world and/or paranormal collectors. It's
absolutely untrue and the ignorance of this statement has led to deaths,
injuries, wild misconceptions and problems that cannot even begin to be
described in such a short thing as a web page. The problems this
statement has caused since the beginning of time could fill the Library
of Congress easily.

It is a disrespectful saying that completely ignores and shows
irreverence to not only the physical realm but the spiritual and astral
ones as well. Those who blindly charge full steam ahead with that
phrase on their minds have offended the spirits, entities, and
gods/goddesses of the physical, astral and spiritual planes... perhaps
even unknowningly but nevertheless adherence to that phrase leads you
down a bad road.

ou cannot say "well anything is possible in the paranormal so I'm
going to use my faery's wings and I am going to jump off this building
and her wings will make me fly". Well if you truly believe anything is
possible in the world of the paranormal then you should sprout faery
wings when you jump, but you won't will you? Because you must abide by
the laws of the realm we live in.

Every world/realm/plane has rules, counterbalance, and laws that those who inhabit it must abide by.

A djinn cannot say, "oh I'm sick of being a djinn I'm just going to
become a human now". If anything's possible that should happen right?
No, it won't. It never will. Because a djinn cannot become a human. They
do not exist on this plane. They can visit this plane but they do not
exist here.

I have said it before and I will say it until the day I die, the
commonly over-used phrase "Anything's possible" is dangerous and the
ignorance of the importance of knowing the laws and rules by which all
realms abide can lead to people showing disrespect to the spirits,
entities and god/goddesses of those realms.

Without the structure of each realm abiding by their own rules,
restrictions and laws all worlds would be chaos and likely many would
have perished long ago.

There are multiple realms and for simplicity's sake we
(practitioners/believers) use three: physical, spiritual and astral.
Some entities can never cross the borders of their realm. Some can exist
in two realms at the same time. Some can travel between two or three

Physical spirits are considered the spirits that lived and existed on Earth at one time.

Spirituals spirits are differen entities born to the spiritual plane
(e.g. Doppelganger), and any entity that existed on the physical plane
has the opportunity to exist on the spiritual plane.

Astral spirits (e.g. Angels, Djinn) were born of and exist within
the astral plane. Some astral spirits can enter the physical and
spiritual planes as well, like Angels and Djinn.

One of the most common misconceptions in the "Anything's possible"
thought-pattern is the crossbreeding of entities... like Djinn-Dragons,
Faery-Dragons, etc. and that spirits in spirit form can procreate with
one another and have spirit babies.

There is good reason races cannot crossbreed. First of all exactly
why would a Djinn mate with a Dragon? That would be like human mating
with a lizard??? I know its great material for a comic book but in
reality or even in the paranormal (not sci-fi) why would a Djinn even
mate with a Dragon?

First of all as I've stated before Dragons and Djinn do not even
exist of the same energy... Dragons are earth-born creatures and Djinn
are astral creatures... and if you want to get very basic they don't
even begin to relate to each other on any level including speaking the
same language.

This applies to Fae, Dragons, Djinn, Gargoyles, Angels, Immortals, Leprechauns, etc.

Spirits of baby unicorns, baby fae, baby etc all occur because they
perished in infancy, not because a spirit procreated. Spirits cannot
procreate. Why would they? Why would something that lived and breathed
here on Earth go on to die and then experience an existence where they
can procreate as spirits? And this applies to Dragons, Gargoyles,
Vampires, Faeries, etc.

Have Angels & Djinn been known to procreate with humans, yes.
Same for Immortals. But that is different than a spirit procreating with
another spirit. With Angels, Djinn & Immortals you are talking
about beings that can manifest on the physical plane but are not from
the Earth. You are not talking about a dead human in spirit form
procreating with an Angel spirit. I hope you can understand the

As for inter-breeding half-Djinn, half-Dragon, etc. I stand behind
my point 100% and outside of eBay I've never seen nor heard of a
half-Djinn, half-Dragon entity. I don't understand why a Dragon would
mate with a Djinn. In spirit form many do not even resonate on the same
plane. However this is not the first time one professional disagreed
with another.

I also stand behind my recommendation to each one of you to consult a
non-eBay affiliated professional in such matters. If you read something
here and you want further clarification I suggest asking a practitioner
NOT on eBay for their input. There are millions of books in print as
well that have expressed opinions on all aspects of the paranormal.

We can pick this subject apart to its bones and into its marrow.
It's a situation that delves deeper and deeper. Jesus was the product of
immaculate conception... yes of course but God created man and so in
order to deliver His son to the human race and have His son be able to
effectively communicate he sent Jesus through a miracle of conception
but Mary still had to give birth and Mary still had to raise a little
human boy that was inhuman in spirit. He didn't mate Mary with a donkey
to give birth to a human-donkey, He made a human body for His immortal
son through human means.

So then you have to consider inter-plane breeding then. Because a
Dragon is from the physical plane and Djinn are from the astral and
sometimes spiritual plane. So if a Dragon were to mate with a Djinn how
would they do this? A Djinn does not have sexual organs that could
penetrate a Dragon's genitals so would the Djinn manifest as a Dragon
himself then? So you are talking about an inter-plane polymorphing
Djinn. So the Djinn manifests as a Dragon, mates with the Dragon and the
Dragon gives birth to what? It would be a Dragon right? Because the
Djinn manifested as a Dragon in order to mate with the Dragon and there
would be a Dragon baby. But the Dragon baby is half-Dragon, half-Djinn
in spirit then? For what purpose though? A Djinn is an astral creature
created for many purposes even outside the physical plane. Why would
they want to mate with a Dragon?

Let's take Gryphons, they inter-bred when on Earth but many scholars
believe that was because of the dwindling race of the Gryphons. They
were dying in giants numbers during the surge of questing slayers,
knights and royalty. And as predicted the Gryphon raced died out long
before the Hippogryphs. So we have seen inter-breeding before but they
were both physical-plane creatures who had similiar genitalia allowing
them the ability to procreate. And of course humans of that time viewed
it as providence from God allowing the Gryphon race to continue.

So what about other physical-plane entities? We know that a tiger
can be mated with a lion under controlled circumstances because they
form a Liger. But the important point is that they are of the same race,
they are both felines. You can't mate a cat and dog. They're both
mammals but you won't get a cog or a dat, right?

The question is not whether or not entities of other planes can
procreate... the question is can SPIRITS procreate. Do not confuse the
two words (entity & spirit). An entity is still alive, a spirit is
the spirit of a perished entity. Why would spirits procreate when they
could procreate when they were alive as an entity? There is no purpose
for spirits to procreate. They are spirits, they are serving a higher
purpose now.

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