The Uninvited Guest

One of the top issues we see come up time and time again in
the forum, helpdesk and emails are people who are writing in due to an
uninvited houseguest. Rogue or unbound spirits coming into people's
homes is not unusual, it happens with regularity and all the time.
There are thousands of rogue spirits moving from location to location as
we speak and the majority in and out of the homes and populated
locations where they go completely unnoticed by the inhabitants. It
just so happens that those writing to us have sensitivities to spirits
and paranormal activity and they pick up on the uninvited guests. If it
happens to you does that mean bad news? Maybe, but usually not.

Sometimes spirits move about out of sheer curiosity. They
move from area to area seeing and absorbing what is around them. They
are curious about you, your life, your family, your daily events for a
period of time (usually less than a month, sometimes not even 24 hours)
and they move on to the next place. Sometimes they come because they
want attention and they will harass you, constantly try to be in your
sightline by charming or annoying you and will only leave when they are
bored of you or when you stop paying them any attention... usually this
works best. Once they aren't receiving any acknoledgement from you they
are there they move on. Lastly sometimes they are present because they
have a purpose for being there. This is when the length of time your
uninvited guest will vary greatest.

When a spirit comes to you with purpose their origin can be
from many places. If you have friends or family who are in the Arts it
could be one of their spirits or a spirit they conjured with the express
purpose of helping or hurting you (if it's friends or family let's hope
it's the former and not the latter). It could be a pre-destined time
for them to come to you... perhaps in a previous life or parallel life
you sent the spirit to yourself for a reason and it is there to assist
you in one way or another and will leave when their task it done. They
could be spirits you knew in a previous life or ancestral spirits that
are still bound to your bloodline who come and go, this is common. It
could also be the spirit's own work, finding you themselves and
realizing they can help in some way. Typically a spirit that appears
from nowhere is there to help you, not harm you. They are there to
share wisdom, prevent or cause something to happen, protect you, teach
you something or provide you with a power or gift you did not have
previously. How do you know what they want? Pendulum is the best way
to find out if you are not capable of communicating with the rogue
spirit through telepathy. Sometimes you won't know why they were there
until whatever they came for happens.

However, if someone sent a spirit to harm you it will be
evident within less than a hour of the spirit being present. Spirits do
not normally come, hang out in your home, bother you to death over
months and then leave. When a spirit is sent on errand with a malicious
purpose most spells and rituals require the spirit to complete their
task within a certain window of time and so you will see the negative
effects almost immediately with their presence. What do you do? A few
things, if it is a mild spirit you can usually smudge and have them
leave. If it is a moderate spirit usually a banishment ritual or lesser
banishment ritual (LBR) will work for you just fine and 99% of the time
rogue spirits fall within the mild to moderate category. If you've
managed to upset some kind of master witch, warlock, priestess, or other
high-level practitioner then you might have a severe spirit on your
hands and you will need help to rid yourself of it. At that point
contact a professional in your area or one that you work with online
that you trust. Again, the odds of this happening to you are SLIM.

An uninvited guest is usually not a reason to become panicky
or upset. Sometimes you realize the reason they are there and you've
worried yourself into a knot for nothing. Always try to keep a level
head when encountering rogue spirits, show them respect, find out why
they have come to you, 99% of the time it is a positive experience. If
you do have problems or issues contact a professional for a second

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