An Experience with Deja Vu

Deja Vu

What is deja vu? It is the French word for "already seen" and
nothing could say it more when it comes to what deja vu means for
humans. It is something everyone has experienced and no one can
explain, well... that's what they say anyway but I did explain it and
for me it was a revelation that opened not only my eyes but doors as

As I've said before my fascination with the paranormal and mystical
began even before I could make memories but my parents, aunts, uncles
and other elders regaled me with stories that even now bring joy to me.
I was young when I started to truly question the source of deja vu. We
had learned that everything you learn is stored in your mind but it is
your ability to access it that makes one person "smarter" than another.
Everything you see, smell, feel, hear, etc. is stored in your mind and
that is why randomly a memory will pop into the forefront of your brain
and you think of it. But, if you never saw something before how can you
remember it?

In another article I explain my life-long curse of horrific
nightmares. I've never had a happy dream and that has always disturbed
me. I remember my mother telling me that one of her favorite dreams was
running through a open field of flowers in the sunlight, it was
peaceful, refreshing and soothed her. I was envious as from what I
could remember of my dream the night before there was more blood and
terror than in the worse Hollywood slasher film.

It was my quest to record my dreams in order to try and understand
why I have nightmares that accidentally launched me into a realization
of deja vu that changed my life forever. It wasn't something that
happened over night, in fact it took nearly 8 months of me recording my
dreams before something happened.

This is something I suggest everyone do but don't jump into it
flippantly, it is a commitment. I bought notebooks and pens and placed
them by my bed and every single morning when I woke I up I would
immediately start writing what happened in my dreams with no regard for
penmanship or form, just as long as I wrote down enough key points that I
could recall the memory again if I needed to.

Through my dreams I have predicted many things but one important
distinction is that when you experience deja vu you aren't trying to
predict the event that occurs... you just feel like you been or done
that before. This even applies to the must mundane of things.

What happened wasn't even of significance the first time I realized I
had truly experienced deja vu. I was opening the dishwasher and I went
to reach for my favorite iced tea glass when it was like a shockwave in
my brain... deja vu. It was such a silly event I brushed it off and
went about my day a few more moments before the pressing realization I
had done this before ate away at me and I abandoned my quest for iced
tea in exchange for finding my dream journals.

I skimmed page after page looking for any mention of a dishwasher or
my iced tea glass and after three journals thought I had better give it
up when I decided one more journal and I would abandon my experience to
nothing more than a quirk of the mind. Three-quarters of the way
through the fourth journal and there were the words "dishwasher, blue
shirt, iced tea, 3" among many other words and it was as though a
lightning bolt ran straight through me when I realized I had on a blue
shirt and it was just ten minutes past three and ten minutes earlier I
had been at the dishwasher.

This has happened more than 20 times since then. Sometimes I only
have to go back a month or so and the longest lapse was a year and three
months. So what is the significance of this?

It means that every single one of us has psychic ability - even if
it is the most minute of occurences it still means beyond a shadow of a
doubt that the power lies within each one of us to experience our lives
on a realm higher than average.

No, my deja vu of picking an iced tea glass from the dishwasher
bears little on the big picture of the world, but it bears the world on
my realization that psychic ability is a God-given gift.

Yes, that's right you who is reading this right now has psychic
ability. Some people are born with a more highly tuned gift and need
little exercise to be able to experience visions of the past, present or
future for themselves or others but you have the gift too. Like any
talent it is something you have to exercise but isn't it wonderful to
know that if you wanted to you could exercise the art of divination and
become your own oracle?

It's right there inside of you, this wonderful gift waiting to be
explored and you shouldn't take a God-given birthright for granted! It
may start with the recognization of deja vu but it will end in a higher
enlightenment that will open doors for you into the human's connection
to the mystical powers of God that you could only begin to understand.

No matter your religion or beliefs one thing is certain, the power
is inside of you... and regardless of your religious subscription this
verse from the Bible can apply to us all for faith is what separates you
from those who can never truly experience the enlightenment that can
change your life... do you believe?

And He said to them, "Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly
I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will
say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and
nothing will be impossible to you. ~ Matthew 17:20

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