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Haunted Houses - Parker Memorial Baptist Church

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What's the tale? A nun took her life within the halls of Parker Memorial by hanging herself. It is said her sobbing and choking can be heard from time to time and the transparent image of her noose has appeared on more than one occasion.

What do we know as fact? Thanks to the Parker Memorial website here we know that the original church was founded in 1887 with Dr. G. A. Nunnally as the pastor. The church was called The Second Baptist Church and Nunnally ("Nun"nally) helped in its original organization. In 1888 Dr. Nunnally was a guiding hand in overseeing the construction of the new church on the corner of Quintard and Twelfth Street and upon the completion of the new building in 1889 the church's name was changed to the Twelfth Street Baptist Church. Dr. Nunnally resigned as head pastor in 1889 and Dr. George B. Eager assumed the role. Dr. Eager achieved the head pastor position through the recommendation of the president of the First National Bank, none other than Duncan T. Parker who built parts of the church in memory of his wife. The church's name changed once again to Parker Memoral Baptist Church because of the generosity of Duncan Parker's money.

Thoughts & Problems There is never a time frame or date for the supposed nun's suicide. What is even more unclear is why a nun would commit suicide in a Baptist church?

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