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What's the tale? The original owner of the home, Colonel Tutwiler, still lives and roams about the now bed and breakfast hotel. His favorite part of the house is the kitchen where he waits until the day's work is through and the employees are ready to leave. He then turns on everything in the kitchen and has even been known to cook a meal and remove a bottle of wine!

What do we know as fact? Thanks to the Tutwiler Hotel website here we know that the building that is the current Tutwiler Hotel wasn't a hotel at all, it is the original Ridgely Apartment building that was owned by the Tutwiler family. The original Tutwiler hotel that possessed grandeur and lavish elegance in 1914 was demolished in 1974 and replaced by the Financial Center. The Ridgely Apartment building was converted into a luxury hotel beginning in 1986 when Temple Tutwiler worked to have the building restored and was given a title as a Wyndham Historic Hotel. It underwent its current rennovations in 2006 to become the hotel it is today.

Thoughts & Problems The cited story all over the internet and even featured on About.com cites the colonel haunted his home that is now a bed and breakfast. We know that part of the story is inaccurate because the colonel isn't haunting his home, or the Tutwiler hotel that doesn't exist anymore so all that is left is the Ridgely Apartment building now the Hampton Inn & Suites Tutwiler Hotel. So is it accurate to assume then that the colonel haunted the apartment building? The problem with that assumption as well is that the story across the internet in general is the colonel loves to haunt the kitchen, if he haunted the apartment building which kitchen? An alternate form of the story featured on About.com cites he haunts the bar in the hotel. Could it be true? Perhaps, but in which building? Did he haunt the original hotel that was the Tutwiler family's flagship? Or did he haunt the apartment building the family owned? Or did he haunt Temple Tutwiler's version of the Ridgely Apartments as a luxury hotel? Or does he now haunt the Hampton Inn & Suites version of the Tutwiler?

The man who opened the Tutwiler hotel was Robert Jemison, not anyone named Tutwiler, the only reason the hotel was named Tutwiler was because the man who was the underwriter for the mortgage was named Tutwiler and even that story has issues because in that explanation it is a Major and not a Colonel who was "Tutwiler".

This muddled mess of two different buildings being part of the same fabric of one story is why we left it undecided.

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