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Whaley House

Why did we rate this "Confirmed"? Because multiple sources off the internet sites have experienced paranormal activity at this location & therefore warrants a rating of "Confirmed".

What's the tale? The Whaley House has supported the celebrity likes of Regis Philbin who stayed the night in the haunted home to experience the ghosts and experience them he did! Some time after midnight he and his companion saw "something" move from the study to the music room and when they turned on the flashlight it disappeared. The Whaley House was built atop a former gallows site. When you visit you may see... Jim Robinson who was hanged after stealing a boat, a girl with the last name Washburn died after a household accident while playing with the Whaley children, a woman in a print dress wearing gold hoop earrings in an upstairs bedroom, Mr. and Mrs. Whaley (they smell Mrs. Whaley's extravagant lavender perfume and Mr. Whaley's cigar smoke), Mrs. Whaley is also heard playing the piano and seen rocking in her rocking chair (sometimes holding an infant), and objects move around the house without reason.

What do we know as fact? Thanks to the Whaley House site we know quite a bit about the history of the home. The home was designed by the owner Thomas Whaley and the bricks for his home were made in his own brickyard. It was the first two-story, brick home in San Diego, construction began in 1856 and the Whaley family moved into the home in 1885. The Whaley House served as a home-dwelling for the Whaley family, the first commercial theatre, the county courthouse, and the general store. This property has seen a great deal of action, no doubt.

Thoughts: The Whaley House was deemed America's Most Haunted House by the Travel Channel and you can read more about all the legends associated with the home here. The longest ghostly resident of the Whaley House is "Yankee Jim" (James Robinson) who was hung from gallows off the back of a wagon where the house presently sits. Thomas Whaley witnessed the execution of "Yankee Jim" and was aware he was building his house on the site of the execution. Not long after the Whaley family moved into the house they began experiencing the haunting of "Yankee Jim"'s spirit. Since the deaths of Thomas & Anna Whaley their ghosts have been reported being seen on the property along with other ghosts who are not known by name.

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