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Herlong Mansion

What's the tale? The Herlong Mansion is home to one of the spirits of the Herlong family... Inez. Inez fought for over 15 years after her parents died to gain custody of the mansion from her 5 siblings. Shortly after she took possession of the Herlong Mansion at 68 years old she died of a diabetic episode in her bedroom. Her spirit still haunts her beloved home today. Workers and employees in the home hear phantom footsteps, hear whispers and feel her presence strongest in her room. The home is open to the public as a bed and breakfast.

What do we know as fact? Thanks to this site we know the home was originally built in 1845 as the primary residence of the Simonton family. It wasn't until Natalie Simonton inherited the property and married Zeddy Clarence Herlong in 1910 that the farm house was transformed into the mansion it is today. They had six children together; Mae, Natalie (nicknamed "Pink"), V.J., John, Dorothy and Inez. When Natalie died in 1950 she left the property equally to her six children with the provision their father could live there until he died, he passed away in 1960. After Zeddy's death the war to claim the mansion began and lasted 18 years. Inez bought out her sibilings of the mansion with the money left her by her late husband, Fletcher Miller. Inez was 68 years old when she died of diabetic complications, she had gone into a diabetic coma in the home. Inez's son inherited the house and it was sold in 1986 by two couples who converted it into a B&B. It was sold again in 1990 and was further restored and still operates as a B&B.

Thoughts: There are accounts online that the mansion is haunted but outside of the online stories there is little to support the claims that Inez is an active spirit in the house. Once more evidence supporting the claim that Inez is actively haunting the house is obtained the status will change.

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