Haunted Houses - Madison School

What's the tale? Many years before the school was erected at Twenty-sixth and Maine streets a home stood on the location and a woman was murdered there. The killer(s) was never identified. The killer(s) grabbed the woman at the top of the staircase and dragged her screaming down the steps and at the bottom of the stairs stabbed her until she screamed no more. A trail of blood snaked across the floor of her home as the killer(s) dragged her to a closet under the staircase. The families who occupied the home before it was demolished said it was impossible to clean the victim's blood from the floor. Most of the families covered the blood-stained floor with carpet runners and needless to say no one dared use the closet. Since the home was destroyed to make way for Madison School it has not been able to shake the result of the gruesome murder and the school nearly burnt to the ground in 1982... a fire whose origin was never discovered...

What do we know as fact? The Madison School in Quincy sits on the corner of 24th Street and Maine Street adjacent to Madison Park. There is no proof given the school was built where a house once stood let a lone a house where a gruesome murder took place.

Thoughts: It is rated "undecided" because we don't have any evidence aside from internet accounts that the story associated with the school has any validity.

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