Haunted Houses - White Lick Bridge

What's the tale? There are 2 variations. #1: It is a bridge constructed by Irish workers during the railroad boom of the 1850s... it is also the final resting place of one of the workers. During the construction of the bridge a worker lost his balance and fell into the sucking concrete mixture. The idea of recovering the body was momentarily considered but the cost recovering the body coudn't outweigh the cost of progress and so the man was left in the trestle of the bridge. He was often seen on the bridge, a lantern clutched in his right hand. When he sees passersby he swings the lantern left to right in vain, trying to reach out for help. The bridge has since been destroyed but at the banks of the creek below they still see him trying to get help. #2: The workers did pull the body from the pylon and some workers refused to go back to work because of superstitious fear.

What do we know as fact? The bridge did exist. It has since been replaced but some parts of the original bridge exist and the pylon is what is said to be haunted. Did a man fall into any concrete? Die in some other way during the construction of the bridge? Who knows, there isn't any factual evidence to back up the story, but it was not uncommon for the Irish, Chinese & Native Americans who built the railways and bridges to die horrific deaths.

Thoughts: There isn't enough evidence outside of the online haunted sites that warrants a "Confirmed" rating, if more evidence from outside sources is collected to support the assertion it is haunted the rating will be changed.

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