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Sauer's Castle

What's the tale? Sauer's Castle was built by Anton Philip Sauer while he was dying of TB. The home was finished in 1872 and boasts a beautiful red brick facade with a watchtower atop the roof so the viewer could see the Santa Fe Trail (back then it would have been in all its glory). Anton died in a second floor bedroom in 1879. Many of the Sauers died in the mansion...there was one suicide, one infant death, one child drowned in the swimming pool, and Anton's son, Julius, was killed in a train accident, burned to death. So aside from Anton and Mary's deaths of natural causes there are plenty of spirits to choose from. The home being so heavily haunted it has attracted trespassers and onlookers since 1930.

What do we know as fact? Thanks to this site we know Anton Sauer moved to Kansas City and bought the Pritchard Farm around 1870 and spent over $60,000 improving the property and built the brick mansion on the land. The rumored architect is Asa Beebe Cross because he was an up & coming architect at that time with similiar designs. He lived in the house less than seven years dying on August 16, 1879 of tuberculosis. His wife continued to live in the home until 1919. There is no proof many family deaths took place on the property, it is only rumored.

Thoughts: Without factual basis of the hauntings in the home related to the rumored family deaths within its walls we're rating this "Undecided" until more evidence can be offered.

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