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Kennebunk Inn

Why did we rate this "Confirmed"? Because multiple sources off the internet sites have experienced paranormal activity at this location & therefore warrants a rating of "Confirmed".

What's the tale? Kennebunk Inn was originally built by Phineas Cole in 1799 for his family. It was owned by a number of families before it was converted into an Inn in 1920. The ghosts of the Inn have been known to throw wine glasses and goblets across the room, silverware and chairs move by themselves, guests who stay the night have been disturbed by a moaning, raspy voice, and guests have walked into freezing air. The ghosts are thought to be Silas Perkins and Cyrus... Silas owned the Inn for a good many years and Cyrus was a desk clerk who worked in the Inn for many years.

What do we know as fact? Thanks to this site we know the home was built in 1799 as a private residence of Phineas Cole. In 1928 the home was converted into a hotel by George Baitler and was renamed "The Tavern". The original home was built onto providing a 2 1/2 story addition with 50 additional rooms. In the late 1930s the name was changed to "Kennebunk Inn". According to the site the haunting is attributed to Silas Perkins who was a clerk at the inn.

Thoughts: Paranormal activity has been reported on the site through multiple sources.

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