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Middleton Tavern

Why did we rate this "Confirmed"? Because multiple sources off the internet sites have experienced paranormal activity at this location & therefore warrants a rating of "Confirmed".

What's the tale? Middleton Tavern was built in 1740 and was originally a private residence. In 1750 the owner, Elizabeth Bennett, sold her home to Horatio Middleton, a ferry operator who by law needed to have lodging for his customers. During the Revolutionary War era, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin stayed here during their travels. Other members of the Continental Congress also stayed in this tavern on various occasions when they met in the Maryland state house. Since its erection over 260 years ago it has seen literally hundreds of spirits come through its doors so it is difficult to say who, exactly, haunts within its walls. Ghosts have materialized but due to the hazy nature of their shadows it is difficult to tell if they are men or women. The heavy smell of cigar smoke rises and lingers in the rooms, dishes, chairs, silverware, and other objects are thrown about the rooms, noises and laughter echo in the hallways. If you have a chance to stop at the tavern it is certainly worth it.

What do we know as fact? Thanks to this site we know the Inn has operated since 1750 but the site lacks its history & historical ties if indeed Washington, Jefferson & Franklin stayed there. There is no mention on the site of the paranormal history of the tavern though considering its 269-year history it would not be unbelievable for a structure this old to be haunted..

Thoughts: This location is confirmed haunted due to the sheer number of repots of paranormal activity on the site.

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