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Osceola Inn

What's the tale? Osceola Inn was originally a structure known as The King Hotel and Saloon built in 1881, but it burned to the ground in 1884. It was prompty rebuilt in brick, rather than wood, and was operational well into the early 1900s. It was purchased by Ray and Anita Rogalla in the 1940s and was renamed teh Osceola Inn. The ghosts inhabiting this old structure include a couple by the name of Josephine and Andrew who stayed on the third floor during the early 1900s. Andrew severely beat Josephine during their time on earth and despite their deaths she still cannot bear to be away from him. Their presence is one not to be encountered as the energy around the pair is stifled with anger. Peter is a ghost that haunts the second floor. During the 1940s he lived in the hotel while trying to make his life as a gambler. He was a miserable gambler and eventually took his own life in a room on the second floor. Audrey is a female ghost who had lived in the Inn with her children. She died from an unknown illness and she is still looking for her children. Louisa haunts the second floor with Peter as she fell down the second floor stairs and died.

What do we know as fact? There seems to be a lot of unverified tales circulating with regards to this building. The Inn is not operational and hasn't been for some time, last news on the Inn reports it is going to be auctioned off.

Thoughts: This location remains undecided until more facts can be established. Right now there is more internet lore regarding this location rather than factual evidence.

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