How-To Banish Unwanted Spirits

How to Banish


Place pieces of copper on yourself or around your home (depending on what you're cleansing). Make sure that the content of what you are using is at least 80% copper which means if you are using pennies they must be pre-1982 or they won't work. Once you have placed at least one piece of copper in every room or at least one piece of copper on your body recite the following banishment invocation:

You are not welcome here!
I cast you out that your spirit be burned
Let this copper serve as my torch
Let its energy scorch your presence here
Only the power of love and light is welcome here!


This is a process by which yourself, another person, your home, or other location is cleansed of bad energies and/or spirits. If you feel you are depressed, upset, ill, or if you've had prolonged exposure to anyone with the aforementioned tribulations than it is prudent to consider smudging.

To smudge you will buy a bundle of any of the following herbs:

Φ Sage / White Sage
Φ Cilantro
Φ Cedar / Pine
Φ Lavender
Φ Sweet Grass
Φ Mugwort
Φ Copal

To cleanse bad spirits you will walk the smoldering smudge stick around the location while reciting a banishing invocation:

I cast thee out seekers of evil
Be gone with you now!
Let the cleansing aroma repel you
Only the light can reside here!

Repeat the invocation over and over. Be sure to open all doors, trunks, and any other closed off portion of the location to encourage the ritual to cleanse all areas. You can't do this wrong so don't be afraid to go with your gut and improvise if needed. As long as you are intent on cleansing yourself or your home, etc then you are going to see positive results.

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