A Hollywood favorite for about a century with the mighty beast first appearing in film around 1905, the Kraken is much older than Hollywood. The Kraken has been a sailor’s myth for centuries and a common creature in literature. Erik Pontoppidan had written about the Kraken in his “Natural History of Norway” by saying it dwells off the coasts of Norway and that islands that pop up and down in the sea were the Kraken itself. The towering islands that threw off cartographers for years by disappearing and re-appearing had been the colossal sea monster itself and most people couldn’t explain it. Pontoppidan had cited many witnesses to prove the existence of the Kraken but one sticks out more than the others. One witness had claimed they found the remains of a young Kraken, implying there is more than one Kraken in the depths of the seas. The size of a young Kraken is monumental and it’s the only way to see the creature because the adult is so immense that you wouldn’t be able to tell it was a Kraken emerging from the waters. To give an idea about its size, it’s estimated that its back is about a mile and half or so in circumference. If you’re worried that a Kraken is emerging in your location while you are sailing there are a few ways to tell it is about to rise. If the water starts becoming shallow and the water has an abnormal amount of fish present you should consider sailing a mile or so away as quick as possible. Sightings aren’t common anymore and even if a Kraken were to surface it doesn’t stay for a long period of time. Estimations done by Norwegian sailors have claimed it only surfaces for a few minutes and then would submerge for days if not weeks at a time. If you’re skeptical about the Kraken’s existence remember what Pontoppidan said “In the ocean many things are hidden.”

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