How do I choose a spell?

Keep it simple, do not go into a grandiose plan.  You need to ask yourself some simple questions, and write the answers down so you can refer to those answers as you seek a spell.


Why are you looking for a spell?

What do you want the spell to do?

Who is the beneficiary of the spell's results?

Does the outcome of this spell affect other areas of your life?


Why are you looking for a spell?  What is the reason behind your seeking magick?  Is the situation paranormal-related?  Or, might there be other avenues you should pursue first before turning to magick?  In the case of health & well-being it is always advisable to seek medical attention & professional advice prior to embarking on a spell quest.  While magick is strongly influential, it is not a cure, and should never be mistaken for a cure for medical conditions.  In any case, magick can be utilized as sole motivation, or it can be used to complement non-paranormal efforts.  You should always be clear on why you are seeking magick.  It's not a flighty choice, you should be committed to any action you take, 100%.


What do you want the spell to do?  Are you looking for immediate results?  Short-term results?  Long-term results?  Is this a simple fix?  Or, are you going to have to utilize multiple spells to reach your desired outcome?  You should understand the expectations you have for the spell to better choose the appropriate spell(s) for your situation.


Who is the beneficiary of the spell's results?  Are you involved in the outcome of the spell in any way?  If so, you want to make sure you are casting on yourself.  If others are involved in the need for the spell you may not want to cast on them, and rather cast on yourself.  See our article When should I cast on someone & not myself? for more information & understanding of targets & purpose.


Does the outcome of this spell affect other areas of your life?  If so, you may want to devise a game plan for what spell, or spells, you may need to use in order to reach your goals, and have the ultimate outcome you desire.  Sometimes the ineffectiveness of a spell is not the fault of the spell itself, but rather the planning behind the spell.  If your situation is complicated, or the ability for the spell to manifest touches multiple aspects of your life, then you will want to spend the time to devise a plan of spells where every aspect is covered.

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