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This ritual is a powerful tool that cost the woman who gifted us this $1,500. She was generous enough to share this with us as thanksgiving for work we did for her and in turn we are sharing it with all of you. It is a powerful ritual so please follow the instructions to the letter and read through the entire ritual before beginning.


(2) Red, wax candles
(1) ounce of sage, dried is best
(1) black stone
(1) white stone
(1) small bowl capable of having sage burned in
(1) box of matches or lighter

Print these instructions and have them handy before you begin. Be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area.

If your sage is not dried you'll want to dry it out before doing this because the sage must be burned to complete the ritual as intended.

To set the area you will be facing north. The candles are to be to the east and west of you extending past you at least 6 inches on either side. The black stone needs to be on your left and the white stone on your right, both within arms reach. Place the bowl in front of you within reach.

To start you will need to calm yourself and clear your mind as much as possible to be in a focused, neutral state of mind clear of any thoughts.

Sit as you feel most comfortable as you will be sitting in that position for awhile.

Take a deep breath through your mouth and exhale through your nose three times. With each exhale allow your body to become more and more relaxed. Recite the following:

I prepare my body for the coming relinquish of my transgressions Let it be that my soul sits well with my mind To receive the cleansing that is required of my need for balance

Light the candle to the west, pick up the black stone, close your hand around it and place the stone against your chest at the center of your sternum, recite the following:

I call the angels of the west to wing to my side
In my humble state I ask the transgressions plaguing me be drawn from my body
Into this stone now all my bad blood will be absorbed

Take a deep breath, this time through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do not be surprised if the first few times you do this you are lightheaded. All evil/negative/bad spirits and/or energies infest the respiratory system and so to clear you of these you may experience coughing, lightheadedness or nausea.

Keep the stone over your sternum as you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Continue to do this until you physically feel lighter, not lightheaded, but as though as weight has been lifted from you.

When you feel that a weight has been lifted place the black stone back in its original place, blow out the west candle. Light the east candle, pick up the white stone, place it over your sternum in the same place and recite the following:

I call the angels of the east to wing to my side
Pour into me your healing powers to mend the damage left
Restore my body, soul and mind to its full state

Take a deep breath, this time inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose. Continue to do this until you feel peaceful and calm. Place the white stone back in its original position, blow out the west candle.

Take a handful of the dried sage, place it in the bowl. Place the black stone on top of the pile of sage. Light the dried sage with a match or lighter and recite the following:

This flame is blessed by the powers of forgiveness
Take these evils and remove them for eternity so they may never harm again
They are renounced and given no home

Let the fire burn until finished. Allow the stone and bowl to cool before you touch them. Anything drawn from you into the stone is now gone. You can dispose of the stone in whatever way you see fit, some reuse the stone but I suggest not doing so if you see any cracks in the stone.

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