I have a demon, or not what I ordered

Help! I've received a different spirit than I ordered... or, I received something darker than I was supposed to... or, I received a demon instead of what I ordered.

Demon Guidance

Demon Guidance 2

There's been some posts, websites, and other situations I've seen crop up on Facebook, sometimes taking aim at other sellers, that are cause for concern. You should never blindly believe someone who tells you that what you've received from another seller/conjurer isn't what you're supposed to have. There's a lot of good people in the community, but the paranormal community has always had a stigma because of the bad people who take advantage of other people's ignorance when it comes to spirit conjuring, binding, and work. Arm yourself with knowledge, arm yourself with common sense, and arm yourself with the grace given all of us.

There's people saying that if you use a certain conjure Black Arts will come through, instead of what's supposed to come through... there's people saying that certain spirits bring through entire groups of spirits, instead of just one... there's people saying Djinn are demons, or Angels are demons, etc. It's really quite alarming.

What's alarming is not the claims... anyone can claim anything, I can say the sky's red, it doesn't make it true, but what's alarming is the number of people not willing to take the time to do the research, ask knowledgeable people questions, and not find out the truth for themselves. Instead, they blindly regurgitate the information, and further cause panic.

There's no excuse to live in ignorance in the 21st century. It was understandable in the 20th, and before, because the resources weren't public, and they just weren't there for anyone outside of the "know", but that's not the case anymore. There's a lot of resources available to you, here, and on other, reputable sellers websites. You can tell the reputable websites from the non-reputable websites just by using some common sense, and logic.

Ash & I have been doing this longer than the majority of the people who sell, and now, there's more than ever. We actually apprenticed, trained, studied, and served through the ranks. We built this website for the EXACT reason of giving the public free information on what Spirit Conjuring, and Spirit Keeping is. And, we've even gone to battle more than once to have this site, and not let non-reputable sellers bully us from educating the public.

The Forum alone has 8 years worth of posts & information from this board, and copied from our previous free boards we were on. Our Encyclopedia is also close to 8 years old, and we moved to a new software last year, but all the information is there from the previous version. It was the first website of its kind, and there are questions on this website that cover every possible question that could ever be asked, and the answers are waiting for you to just use the Search button.

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