Fear is its own entity


The fear of something can be much worse than the actual situation; in fact, that is the reality most of the time.  It is an even more true statement when it comes to the paranormal because the fear of the unknown is often more frightening than what is actually happening.

Whether you are combating malicious unbounds, evil spirits, negative energy, curses, hexes, intrusive magick, or any other source of paranormal influence, it's imperative that you maintain a cool and clear head.


When you get wrapped up in the fear and the anxious energy that fear breeds you are going to compound an already bad situation.  Negativity attracts negativity and the more fear and anxiety you are generating and putting out there the better chances that you're going to attract more problems.

Most Black Arts spirits feed off of fear & anxiety.  The more you generate that field of energy the better source you become. 

In most of our investigations we find that people have more of a fear of what is going to happen (or not happen) than the problem actually deserves.  Most of the time the fix is simple and it applies better when someone is calm & clear in their mind.  If someone is frantic, driven by fear, and in a full stage of anxiety & dazed mentality it's easy to see, feel, hear, and imagine things that aren't really there.  That only further compounds the problem and makes it more difficult for the person to realize the solution. 

If it goes on long enough it can also compound the problem by making the entity/spirit more difficult to get rid of, or can attract additional unbounds to feed from the growing situation.  It can also make the application of a solution difficult to realize if you are combating magick.

For example, if you have a problem with an unbound that has simply come into your space there are easy remedies for removing an unbound.  If you panic, start thinking the worst, start imagining all possibilities of gruesome outcome, and cloud your mind and energy with fear you'll find your only making the situation worse.  If the unbound really is a Black Arts issue you've just supplied it with a motherload of feeding material.  If it's not an unbound that is going to cause you any problem the unbound may have already come & gone while you're still in panic mode and if it goes on long enough you become a beacon for any unbound to come and make a meal of your expended, negative energy.  The original problem may have resolved itself & you've just caused your own, secondary problem.

We fully understand it's easy to write this and not as easy when you're actually in the situation, but regardless, that is the plain facts of the situation.  It's absolutely essential that you remain calm in times of crisis to not only act sensibly & logically in resolving the problem, but to not add to an already stressful situation.

The energy created by fear and anxiety can become an "entity" of sorts unto itself.  It can do bad things to the mind which can make you see, feel, hear, and imagine things that aren't real.  The more you fear the situation the more you convolute the possible solution.  You rob yourself of a quick and easy remedy to a bad situation.

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