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We never take this conversation lightly.  Those who are, or believe, they are under attack are usually in a state of panic and they are looking for help.  However, it's still vitally important that you understand the realities and the illusions of what may be a demonic attack.  And before we begin let's also make it clear that the idea you're under demonic attack can stem from some known, mental conditions.  It is imperative that you consult a doctor or physician if your family has a history of mental illness.  If it's a medical issue & not a paranormal issue then no amount of paranormal work will resolve the issue and you will continue to live in that tortured state of mind.  If you are clear of any mental illness and you are not taking any mind-altering drugs (legal or illegal) then these are important factors to consider.

#1 Demons are lone hunters.  If you believe you are being attacked by 50, 100, 500+ demons, you're not.  You're not even being attacked by 10 demons.  Demons do not share well; sharing is a noble trait, and demons are not noble.  They are selfish and they want a victim for themselves.  They are not known for the desire to share a resource.  They want to get everything they can out of you and move on to the next target.  Most Black Arts entities are not squatters.  They don't stay & linger with a victim for years.  They want the best you have to offer and they move on to get the best of out someone else.  However, the lasting impacts from an attack can last a long time (even years) if the attack was severe enough.  Because it creates a foundation of fear which allows you to be able to create imaginary attacks because you subconsciously fear it's going to happen again.  That is why swift remedy to an attack is important.

#2 It may not be a demon.  Demon is one of the words that is used like a giant paint brush to gloss over hundreds of different types of species.  This happened primarily because when Christianity was burgeoning and the occupation of governments into foreign countries to bring Christianity used the classification of demon to generalize the traits of any entity/creature known to that area/country that behaved in such a way it was contrary to the Christian beliefs.  That is why, today, you see texts written in Christian-converted countries refer to both Dark Arts & Black Arts entities as "demons".  The danger in this, for those in the paranormal, is that you need to know what you're really dealing with in order to truly resolve the issue.  If you are going after a Mara with techniques known for casting out demons then you're not going to have a satisfactory resolution.  You may (and I do mean may) have an impact, but you may also make the situation worse by what would be the equivalent of shooting a bull with a BB gun.  It may just anger the entity and make the situation worse.  You need to identify what you're really dealing with if you want a real solution.  Ash has written a valuable article, found here, which can help you determine what you are dealing with.

#3 You have to remain calm.  The more confused & dazed the demonic entity has you, the better for them.  Remember, they want to stay as long as possible.  If they can have you believe you're being attacked by 10 demons, or multiple, malicious entities you are going to feel more frightened, vulnerable, and afraid; which means it has you right where it wants you.  If you can keep a clear & level head then you can see through the fog, see through the lies, and determine what is really going on.  The more hyped up and frantic you are, they happier your tormentor is; in fact, they feed off of it.  You have to calm down, remove fiction from fact, and address the problem with a clear mind.

#4 Time may not be on your side.  If you have an entity that isn't rooted with you, which means they aren't bound or attached they've just picked you as their camping ground, and they come & go at their own will then it can be really difficult to pinpoint the problem.  For instance, if the malicious entity comes and taunts you for a few days and then leaves and may not come back for months or even years, then it will obviously take far more time to resolve.  A rooted entity means they picked you, they are going to stay with you & exhaust you, then move on.  They may stay a day or they may stay months.  It really depends on what they can get out of you.  If you're the kind of target where they can juice you up by making you afraid, getting you to be anxious, keep you in a state of fear, then they have hit the jackpot and they are likely to stay longer.  If you don't give them anything but the bare minimum because you're staying calm, focused, and not feeding into their illusions, then you're no good to them, and they'll find an easier target.

#5 One malicious entity can bend the mind.  One demon or demonic entity can appear as multiple entities.  They can cloud your mind with illusions and voices so you are not aware of the truth.  You will believe you're under attack by multiple entities and they have greater control over you.  If you think you're under siege by a small army you'll be a cinch to control because you'll be so focused on the lie you won't figure out the truth, it's one entity & it's a situation that can be easily resolved.

We have been diagnosing sources of trouble for victims for over 15 years (even longer for Ash) and we regularly assist people who contact us through the site to ask for help.  These are all points we make on a regular basis to those who write in and it's valuable information for anyone who believes they are under attack.

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