Dealing with... Feeders

They are entities known as Feeders and there are different types of Feeders both on the astral & spiritual planes. They are not brought on my any specific event, they are roaming entities that feed from hosts who are typically animals or humans. To encounter one is somewhat rare, in a year's time we hear about or encounter an incident like this one 2-4 times a year. So they aren't plentiful but it happens and being a Spirit Keeper or practicing in magick doesn't make you any more or less susceptible to being chosen as a host.

They prey on people who they think they can gorge on energy from. They start slow, they sort of pick at your energy, drain you a little and as your energy becomes more drained they do things to try and provoke more energy from you like fear, stress, anxiety, etc. In this case it went from feeding to manipulating energy to provoke a response making Wynter believe that there were lots of spirits suddenly coming in which cause her to be fearful, which caused her stress, which caused her energy to spike, which made the Feeder very happy. They are highly evolved beings that can shape-shift not only themselves but also extension of their core energy to be multiple things which is what happened here.

In my professional opinion I think the monsters under the bed and in the closet are often Feeders because children are easily provoked and have a lot of energy. Feeders typically stay with a host anywhere from a few days to a few weeks before they move on. They don't stay in one place for long or with one host for long and they don't typically move from family member to family member. They roam constantly and feed from multiple sources because each of our energy is different and they do best feeding from variety and not from one energy imprint.

Before you begin with any act of casting out a malicious entity you need to be calm, firm, confident, and sure of yourself in everything you say.  Do not be in a state of fear, anger, or any other emotional state before you begin as it will not have the impact or force behind it that you need.  Make sure to stand your ground, believe in what you are saying, and take charge of the situation by standing up for yourself & your right to have a peaceful life.

To cast out a Feeder you can use this devocation.  You can recite it at any time.  Recite the words with force.

The Trojan no longer your presence here
You wrought the wrong doorstep
No longer your ability to find fear
As I have reached my peak in your quest

Your mark is banished through the light
Now the guardians have found their place
Your malicious energies take flight
And are settled outside my sight

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