Hello, i was wondering do all spirits of many different kinds manifest to you and can they make your wish or desire's come true? Because I told this someone about a goddess, if she could grant wishes but they told me no... but it says the goddess could change your life!!!!!!!!! What does that really mean? Does every spirit need to be able to grant every owner's desire's.
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All spirits will manifest to you in their own way, and in their own time.  Spirits can manifest in their true form, in various animal/creature forms (especially polymorphers), as Shades, mist, orbs, light streaks, shadows... there are many ways.


Not all spirits are wish-granters, in fact, most of them are not.  The ability to grant the wish of someone is a specialized gift.  If the entity in life did not have the ability, they will be graced with additional abilities simply because they died.  In the case of Immortals (gods & goddesses) they are not wish-granters.  They can influence your life, they can help you see what you need, they can help you discover things about yourself or opportunities in your life, but they aren't what are classified as wish-granters.

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