Hello. I was wandering if anyone on here could help me figure out what kind of spirit I have following me. It (not sure if it's male or female) appeared to me when I was about 10 years old. It would open my locked door, stand there, and disappear. It was a black wolf type animal that was about waist high (I'm 5 ft 6in). Ever sense then I'll see it in my dreams, in shadows, etc. It doesn't scare me it just feels like it's guarding me. Doesn't talk to me but it listens to me. Could my love of wolves attract a wolf spirit of some kind of wolf spirit to me? I don't have any magical objects that it came with. So can anyone tell me what's been following me for the past 12 years? Possibly it is a doujna, though they do get to be a bit large, I'm not exactly sure of the range, so it is possible it would fit into that size. It could also be some other spirit that has the ability to shapeshift an if you have an affinity for wolves, it could just take on a form that you would feel comfortable with.

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It could be a Duojna, but it could also be a Werewolf, Amarok, Fenrir, Crocotta, or some kind of Were creature.  If it's not menacing and it seems to be guarding you, or watching over you, then it could be a Spirit Guide or Spirit Familiar.

The first step would be to request identification.  Most spirits will accomodate a request for identification; especially if they are there as a guide or guardian to you.  However, if the spirit declines to identify itself it doesn't automatically mean they are bad either.

We always strongly suggest people keep a journal for at least 30 days when trying to identify an unknown spirit.  Because in journaling you will see patterns and write down little things you might forget if you just try to recall it from memory a week or two later.


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