Caring For Vampires

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2011-06-26 18:53

Vampire Care

Your vampire will not take energy from you, members of your family or others you are acquainted with. Your vampire will draw energy from multiple sources at once from strangers to yourself.

You will feel and absorb the energies of your vampire giving you a closer spiritual connection, a more refreshed and alive feeling and other benefits from absorbing astral energies such as blessings and greater rewards.

There are no sacrifices, incantations or otherwise known draws to use in order to bond with your vampire. They are self-sufficient creatures who stand on their independence.

However, if you want to treat your vampire to a little extra something special there is a little known fact- vampires LOVE aloe vera! Whether you keep an aloe plant in your home and break the leaves once in awhile, if you want to use a lotion that has aloe vera in it or light aloe scented candles this little gesture is something your vampire will respond to with great happiness!

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