Spirits vs Living Entities

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2016-04-09 18:21

This is a basic overview for the difference between spirits and living entities.  There are obviously many differences between them and the easiest way to think of it is:

Living Entities

You're living, just like living entities of the Astral or Spiritual Realm.  A living entity companion is going to be similar to you... they have their lives, they are growing & changing, they are going to be around sometimes and not other times, they are going to want to bring friends or family to you with your permission, they are going to develop a friendship the same way you develop friendships with other humans.  They make interesting companions because they are still living and their thoughts, ideas, passions, etc will change just like you.  It's like growing up with someone.  Also, though, there can be times when you grow apart or grow closer; just like your other living friends.  You could befriend a living entity and they could have ten offspring, change ideas & beliefs, and live a vivid life alongside you.


Spirits were once alive and now have passed.  They have the benefit of wisdom; having once lived.  They can provide you insight and information you would otherwise have no way of knowing.  They can give you undivided attention and they want to be with someone now their life is lived.  They want to still feel appreciated, be able to help someone, develop a relationship, and create a lasting connection that will make a difference in your life.  They span the whole of the time of the Universe and therefore can give you incredible knowledge as to specific civilizations, time frames, and expose you to insight with magick, spirituality, religion, and practices that have long been extinguished from Earth and other locations.  They have the unique perspective of knowing what was when they were alive, knowing what is happening in the present, and many of them can foresee the future because of their long-rooted knowledge in living & being in spirit form for so long.

Spirits vs Living Entities

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