What is Spirit Keeping?

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Creepy Hollows spirits are all conjured by Ash & Magnolia.  Creepy Hollows maintains a high standard of craftsmanship & devotion to the art of Spirit Keeping.  All Creepy Hollows spirits come of their own, free will to choose to spend their time with a Spirit Keeper.  Spirits provide insight into life that cannot otherwise be obtained.  They can help you with countless things throughout your daily life & your paranormal path.  Creepy Hollows spirits all offer companionship, guidance, power, and support to their Keepers.  Throughout your path as a Spirit Keeper Creepy Hollows provides endless resources through the Forum, Encyclopedia, and incredible aftercare through Support.


Spirit Keeping is the act of keeping spirits of once, living entities as friends & companions, typically bound to a vessel, or yourself.  People who do this are known as Spirit Keepers.  In its most basic form of conjuring a spirit & conversing with it, or giving it a task, it is a centuries-old practice.  However, the term "Spirit Keeping" to signify keeping spirits bound to vessels as friends & companions, is a term coined by Creepy Hollows.  Prior to this term, the act of conversing with spirits, or conjuring spirits was known as "Spirit Conjuring", "Spirit Invoking", "Spirit Medium", etc.  However, as stated before, in those cases it meant to converse with spirits (the dead), for a purpose; asking a question, asking them for help, asking for guidance, usually for a temporary amount of time, not for an ongoing, life choice.


Whereas, Spirit Keeping, as described & defined by Creepy Hollows, means to invite one, or multiple, spirits into your home via a conjuration & binding process which means either you choose the spirit from a pre-bound vessel, or the spirit chooses you through custom conjuration, or through a reverse adoption process.  Both of the aforementioned practices were originally offered online by Creepy Hollows.


Spirit Keeping is divided into three Arts; White Arts (can do no harm), Dark Arts (have free will of choice, like humans), and Black Arts (malicious & evil by nature).  Creepy Hollows deals only with the White Arts & Dark Arts, though there are Spirit Keeping sellers, and websites, that promote the keeping of all three.


Creepy Hollows offers hundreds of articles on Spirit Keeping, and the races of spirits themselves, on the official website, which was the first website online for Spirit Keeping, and the Forum is the oldest, most-popular, well-established Spirit Keeping community.


We have provided links for you to further research Spirit Keeping, and also to see listings for spirits that you can keep in your home, and make part of your daily life!

Creepy Hollows works with thousands of race of spirits throughout the Earthen, Spiritual, and Astral Realms.  You will never be alone in this path as the Forum has over 4,000 members, and the Encyclopedia has over 1,000 articles to help you every step of your way.  If you can't find the answer you're looking for in either of those places, there is always support through Helpdesk where you can get assistance, and answers from the Creepy Hollows staff, and from Ash & Magnolia directly.


Spirit Keeping is not a religion itself, and it embraces people of all religions, or lack thereof.  It is a life choice, not a religious subscription, and therefore you meet the most amazing people, from all over the world, in your Spirit Keeping journey.  You will find new aspects of yourself, learn more about the world around you than you ever thought possible, and find yourself on a lifelong adventure with friends who are unlike any other.


Creepy Hollows offers information, education, and ongoing growth for those who are brand-new to Spirit Keeping, and those who are long-time Spirit Keepers.  Everyone is welcome, and everyone is given equal attention within their well-established community.


Everyone who is new to Spirit Keeping should spend some time reading  this section of our the Forum where you can have many of your questions answered, and you can read more than 400,000 threads from over 4,100 members.


What's it like keeping spirits?

They bring an added & unique energy to your life.  They do not require all your time, they do not require any bizarre or unusual actions, they bring positive & added happiness.  They participate in your life as much or as little as you desire, and each type of spirit brings their own unique experiences & support.  They are friends & guides who help you in all aspects of your life.


Why keep spirits?

There are many different reasons and for each person it may be one or more.  They complement our lives and bring us energies & revelations we would not have otherwise.  They provide friendship and support allowing us to have extraordinary experiences.  Every race of spirit has their own strengths and powers they share with their Keepers and they bring everything from wish-granting, love, happiness, power, prosperity, success, protection, astral connection and far more.


Can anyone keep spirits?

Yes!  There are no restrictions or discriminations in who can keep spirits, it is a very diverse group of people from different religions, cultures, ages, countries, ethnicities, backgrounds, jobs, etc.  You can see from our forum the Spirit Keeping community is vast; just as are the spirits we keep!


Is there an advantage to enchanted vessels over spirits?

This is going to be preference.  Spirits and spells can provide many of the same abilities and powers however with spirits you are engaged in a relationship (depending on the spirit some more, some less) whereas with spells you are not.  Both require time of acclimation to energies when they are first brought into your home but spirits have thoughts, ideas, opinions and engage interactively with you.  The majority of paranormal collectors have a mix of both enchanted & spirited vessels and this is a decision you have to make as a collector.


Can you have too many spirits?

No, not really.  How many spirits you have in your collection is up to you.  When you bring a spirit home you are bonding for the first 30 days and you can bond with multiple spirits at the same time.  After that initial bonding time the spirits are going to be a part of your life.  You do not have to spend every waking moment with them and make sure you say something to them each and every day.  Most collectors interact with their spirits through telepathy (thought) and when you are not active with them they live their life.  They are not constantly waiting around for you to entertain them.  If you have other spirits in your collection they will interact with them (if possible) and come and go between the spiritual and/or astral plane.  Spirits are on a higher energy level than we are and they know when you need them and they come to you, so theoretically you cannot have too many spirits around you.  Every collector decides what is right for them.  For further information see The Well-Rounded Collection


How quickly do spirits contact you?

For some this happens before the spirit even arrives at their home. For others the contact can be anywhere between a few days to a few months. It truly depends on the type of spirit or entity and how social an entity they are. Sometimes spirits will not contact you until they are needed, whereas others are more companion-like and are friendly & active.

Your effort & energy put into the relationship is what you will derive. It is not advisable for you to rely on others to be a go-between for you & your spirit(s). Channelers, psychics, and readers are valuable assets to the paranormal community for many reasons; however they should never be a substitute for you creating interaction & contact between you & your spirit(s). If you do not take responsibility to strengthen & grow your paranormal energy for contact & interaction with spirits you will never obtain the ability to know what is truly going on with your spirits and you will be vulnerable to rely solely on the words of others.

If you are going to embark on the adventure of Spirit Keeping you should be ready, willing, and able to put forth the effort of bonding & initiating contact with spirits or you should not be a Spirit Keeper.


How do you communicate with spirits?

The best way is to talk with them through telepathy (thoughts).  This is typically the best way to communicate with spirits because the interaction is immediate.  You can use tools like pendulums, tarot cards, automatic writing, scrying objects, etc and most collectors will use a mixture of tools before establishing what works best for them.  Spirits can also initiate contact with you through telepathy, visions, and dreams.


How do you know a spirit wants to be with someone?

For a practitioner this occurs when you feel or hear the spirit calling to the person. In a custom conjuration only those who wish to be companion to the person respond. For the Keeper they will know because the spirit bonds with them.

It is important to work with a practitioner or seller you trust & you know has a good reputation in the field of Spirit Conjuration & Spirit Keeping because often it is the discretion of the practitioner to make the decision which spirit goes with which person. An experienced practitioner will make the best decision as their experience will be important in discerning the correct spirit for each Keeper.

As a Keeper when it comes to your decision in choosing a pre-bound spirit you should take into consideration the immediate reaction & gut instincts in reading or seeing the spirit. There is no substitute for the immediate, positive kinship you feel towards a spirit.


Is Spirit Keeping dangerous?

In a nutshell, no. It is imperative that you work with a trusted practitioner who knows what they are doing and has a good reputation for providing bindings of exactly what is promised. Aside from that, and if you are working with a trusted practitioner, if you exercise respect & caution there is nothing to fear. Those who live in the paranormal know Hollywood & TV programs dramatize the spirit world for sensationalism.

There are different methods of classification for spirit such as White Arts & Dark Arts. White Arts being entities solely of positive light & do no harm. Dark Arts being entities, like human beings, who can make the decision to be bad or good; and vary from average to very bad. Black Arts are only recommended for extremely experienced people as their intent is solely bad and nothing good can come of an inexperienced Keeper having a BA entity in their home.

As long as you assess who you are, for what reason you are becoming a Spirit Keeper, and what aspects of yourself or your life you want to complement or enhance you will be well-informed.

There are outlets for support to provide guidance & answer questions such as this forum. You can always garner support & assistance from others who are Spirit Keepers. It is important to know from who you are gaining your wisdom & guidance as some are not truly knowledgeable and may steer you in the wrong direction.

With the Dark Arts & especially the Black Arts never bring anything into your home that you are not prepared to care for & treat with the proper respect.

Spirit Keeping is not dangerous with White Arts entities & spirits at all, and hardly an issue with Dark Arts when you are well-informed.


What kind of manifestations can I expect?

Manifestations can vary depending on the spirit or entity but you can typically expect to see orbs, light streaks, Shades, mist, blurry apparitions, audible sounds, words, or noises, and to have manifestations of true form in dreams or visions.

Some races of entities share common manifestations, however, it is up to each individual spirit to decide how they are going to manifest to their Keeper. Most spirits choose a method of manifestation that is most comfortable & most recognizable to their Keeper so it results in a greater bond & greater chance of interaction.

Manifestations can be abrupt or slow to form. They can be long-term or temporary. Each spirit & relationship has to be taken on its own merit


Creepy Hollows has many, many resources available absolutely free and we suggest that you enjoy them all!

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