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2012-05-10 14:02

Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night

There's no doubt it's pretty crazy around here most of the time, in fact those who come over to our house call it the "mad house". With all the spirits & magic swirling around this house all the time the energy level here is floor to ceiling. When I interviewed Princess (who handles Helpdesk, eBay and shipping) to work here I warned her it could be pretty interesting around here and during the interview I think she was skeptical. Of course, now she knows and has realized the intensity of the energy in this house some times.

There are Shades, apparitions, shadows, orbs, light streaks, energy bands and a wide range of other paranormal activity around here all the time. Sometimes passing a doorway I'll see someone a standing or passing a few feet away. I often see reflections in the blank screens of the TVs or see something on the cameras outside our home. Many times there are noises; sometimes subtle and sometimes downright loud of a paranormal source.

For us it is not out of the ordinary, frightening or shocking. This is why sometimes I raise a brow at some of the paranormal television programs. I find it strange that every haunted location they cover is so scary there are people screaming, jumping and fleeing. It perpetuates the unfounded fear that anything paranormal related is bad, scary and only for the strong of heart. In actuality you'd be hard-pressed to find one spot on this Earth that doesn't have residual energy and is permeated by life lived on it before. We know life has existed here in whatever form for more than a million years so there can't be one square inch that doesn't have the energy impressions of previous lifeforms lived upon it. However the continuation of this is for another article, I digress back to the subject at hand, paranormal activity in the home.

For some collectors & practitioners they see a great deal of paranormal activity around there home, for others not nearly as much. It really depends on multiple factors such as how sensitive you are to spirits, magic & paranormal energy and what kind of spirits, magic or paranormal energy resides in your home.

Needless to say paranormal collectors welcome any manifestation of their spirits or magic. Manifestations can happen in a multitude of ways and one spirit can choose to manifest to you in many different ways. Once you have a home filled with spirits and magic (such as ours) you find it a welcome regularity and even sometimes harmonious in its ebb & flow. Makes you wonder how the others (the "normal" people) bear such a dull existence. LOL

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