Transmute Spirits or Spells

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2012-02-11 20:12

We are asked so often via HD if there is a free Transmute spell like we have for the free Charging Boxes, so I finally am posting this for you guys.

It's easy to use, 100% effective, and works every time.

Preparation of Vessels

Use this cleansing spell for the new vessel to cleanse it of any naturally occurring energy residue:

Washed away are the ties of the physical world
Cleansing the palette for my brush
The rays of the beloved light dispersing any deterring attachments
And leave only the purity of a newly born treasure

Use this preparation spell for the original vessel:

Container of magick, raise your energies to the surface
Collecting all that you hold into focus
Ready your energy for movement
As I offer new sanctuary for your care

When that is complete move into this next step immediately.

Transmute Spell

Hold the original vessel in your left hand, and hold the vessel you wish to transfer to in the right hand.

Move Spirits or Spells from Vessel to Vessel

Friend/Enchantment from this vessel I move you
Offering this home as your residence
Permanently transferred from one to other
Sealed in the binding you were conjured with
All transmuted wholly

(Friend for spirit, Enchantment for spell)

Speak these code words directly after spell for protection on the new vessel

Sitera lebon arian
(See-tear-ah lah-bahn ah-ree-ahn)

If you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, then there's always the Transmute Bag:

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