Haunted Houses - Dimond Center

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2011-07-23 20:32

Dimond Center

Why did we rate this "Fake"? Because there is absolutely no factual evidence to support this story, only online, haunted-listing sites repeating variations of the story.

What's the tale? While the Dimond Center was being built construction workers came across grave sites while digging. Because of the cost to stop construction and the delays it would cause they continued on and the disturbance of the resting hasn't been forgiven. Now numerous ghosts populate the area appearing mostly to those who walk the hallways or occupy the bathrooms alone.

What do we know as fact? Dimond Center is a shopping mall.

Thoughts & Problems: Outside of the haunted listing sites on the internet there is no other instance of the story. Finding graves during construction of anything will halt further construction. Considering Dimond Center wasn't built in the 19th century when the disturbance of graves for sake of building & growth may have been overlooked it is impossible that construction on the mall would have continued if graves had been unearthed. Just a few weeks ago here in NY someone found a skeleton in their backyard during the construction of a family pool, there were news stories & news articles immediately. There is nothing in the newspaper archives in Alaska about finding graves during the Dimond Center construction.

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