Haunted Houses - Clawson House

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2011-07-23 20:33

Clawson House

What's the tale? The Clawson House Inn is home to three murdered miners. After demands for better labor wages and conditions a strike broke out amongst the miners. Eventually the striking miners were driven from their jobs and were replaced. The three miners living at the Clawson home were strikebreakers who were found out and murdered by the striking workers who'd lost their jobs.

What do we know as fact? Clawson House was originally called the Territorial House and was built in 1895 for Spencer Clawson who was an acting mine manager. It since has been built onto and renovated and is currently operating as a building that can be rented on a 4-night minimum reservation.

Thoughts: There are variations of the story. In some it is both Clawson's wife and three miners who haunt the house and in other variations it is 1, 2 or all 3 of the miners who were staying at Clawson House when they were killed. It is always all three miners who haunt the house which is an oddity since there is no reason miners who weren't living there to haunt the house just because one of the other miners was killed who was living there. It remains in "Undecided" status until further details regarding the haunting can be verified.

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