Haunted Houses - Bellevue Hall Mansion

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2011-07-23 20:42

Bellevue Hall Mansion

What's the tale? Bellevue Hall Mansion is home to many spirits that enjoy the 2nd and 3rd floors of this beautiful edifice. Unfortunately no one kept records of the Dupont family who owned the beautiful mansion or of the servants and employees who worked her grounds so the identity of the spirits are unknown. The spirits like to play games... they play with the lights, electrical devices, moving objects around the house, they also laugh, scream, make noises and in general are noisy. It is open to the public.

What do we know as fact? Thanks to this site we know the home was built in the 1850s by Hanson Robinson. It was originally named Woolton Hall. William duPont, Sr. purchased the estate in 1883. Mr. duPont bought adjacent properties and increased the size of the estate. In 1928 William duPont, Jr. inherited Woolton Hall and remodeled the mansion and property.

Thoughts: There isn't enough evidence outside of the online haunted sites that warrants a "Confirmed" rating, if more evidence from outside sources is collected to support the assertion it is haunted the rating will be changed.

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