Haunted Houses - Burton Cave

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2011-07-23 20:51

What's the tale? This was once quite the spot for having a picnic or spending the day with nature. However, it holds a quite mysterious secret most visitors are oblivious to. In the late 19th century a group of adults spent the day at the beautiful location of Burton Cave. An oncoming storm forced to seek shelter in the cave. As the sky had blackened it was nearly impossible to see and some of the group lit candles to light the way. As they neared the entrance to Burton Cave they saw a dark-robed figure spring from the cave and dart away. None of the group could identify the person as the hood cast a shadow over their face. The sleeves of the robe ran past where their hands would be and the hem puddled the floor. None wanted to continue but the increasing winds of the storm gave them little choice. Frightened and terrifed they moved inside the cave to seek shelter. None had previously explored the cave and were reluctant to move too far inwards... however, their eyes were captured by a faint glow coming from a cave ledge. As the group moved to the light they saw a woman, dressed entirely in white, laid out in burial pose with candles illuminating her still face and feet. It appeared to them all the woman was dead and this heart-stoppingly eerie sight sent the group in full sprint for their carriages despite the raging storm. Officials of Quincy visited Burton Cave the following morning and found nothing. The identities of the robed figure and the lifeless woman are still unknown.

What do we know as fact? Very little. This is another story passed verbally which means there is probably factual basis in the haunting tale but it was lost over time.

Thoughts: It is rated "undecided" because we don't have any evidence aside from internet accounts that the location has any paranormal activity.

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