Haunted Houses - Ham House

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2011-07-23 21:04

Ham House

Why did we rate this "Confirmed"? Because multiple sources off the internet sites have experienced paranormal activity at this location & therefore warrants a rating of "Confirmed".

What's the tale? The Ham House was built in 1837. It was built by Mathias Ham for his wife and five children. Mathias was an outspoken man who made his fortune through many ventures. From his home he could see the Mississippi River and alerted authorities one day when he saw river pirates harassing a ship. The pirates were arrested and the pirate captain vowed revenge on Mathias. By the 1890s none of the Ham family was alive save for Mathias's daughter Sara. She lived alone in the large mansion and one night she heard someone in the lower portion of her home. She stayed still and eventually the intruder left. The next day she told her neighbors of her frightful experience and they told Sara to put a lit lantern in the window if she needed help. The next night she heard the stranger's footfall. It was heavy and as the leaded footsteps came closer she lit a lantern, placed it in the window and readied her gun. The intruder's footfall grew heavier and louder, they were coming for her. They ran up the staircase and stopped outside her bedroom door. She pulled the trigger and fired two shots through her bedroom door. She screamed wildly in anticipation of what may come and stayed in her room, frozen with her finger on the trigger. The neighbors heard the shots and saw the lantern in her window. They came to see her and found a trail of blood smeared from her bedroom door, through the hallway, down the stairs and out of the front door. They found the dead pirate captain who had made it to the river's edge. It is known that at least 3 ghosts haunt the house. Lights are seen traveling through the house. The lights move through the hallways and up and down staircases. It is known that Mathias and Sara both haunt the house. Mathias makes appearances and moves things about the house. Sara haunts the home and can be seen walking throughout the house and plays the organ. The third floor makes anyone feel ill at ease and it is thought the pirate captain's ghosts haunts the floor where he met his grisly end.

What do we know as fact? The home was Mathias Ham who was an entrepreneur making his money in multiple ventures. There was a tension between the river pirates and the Ham family. Sara did live in the family home after the others had passed away. Whether or not Sara murdered the pirate captain is unknown, it is legend not backed by any factual evidence such as a newspaper clipping. However there is a lot of paranormal activity associated with the home and it centers around both Mathia and Sara.

Thoughts: There are many accounts of paranormal activity in the home stemming from multiple sources, for that reason this location is confirmed haunted.

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