Haunted Houses - Griggs Mansion

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2011-07-23 21:10

Griggs Mansion

What's the tale? Griggs Mansion is a privately owned home so please respect their privacy. It has the reputation of being the most haunted home in Minnesota. In 1883 a wealthy businessman named Chauncey Griggs built this home. He only lived in the home for 4 years before moving out West to seek other business ventures. The greatest amount of hauntings appear on the 4th floor of the Griggs Mansion. The mansion's spiritual occupants are a young maid, a gardener, a child apparition, a thin man in a black suit, a teenager, Amy, and a Civil War general, perhaps Chauncey Griggs himself. In 1915 a young, heart-broken woman hung herself on the 4th floor of the mansion. The gardener, Charles Wade, haunts the grounds of the home desperately trying to upkeep his prized garden. The thin man dressed in black was witnessed through physical manifestation by two occupants of the home at separate times. Occupants have witnessed drastic temperature changes, coughing sounds, wailing sounds, footsteps that pace the hallways, door and windows flying open or shut, annoying noises in the middle of the night, occupants being shaken awake in the middle of the night and other disturbing acts. There are many inexplicable events that occur at Griggs mansion and its wild antics have earned it the title of Michigan's most haunted!

What do we know as fact? There seems to be a lot of unverified tales circulating with regards to this home. Aside from the 25 years it operated as an art school it has been privately owned. The tales surrounding the home seem to stem from folklore rather than fact.

Thoughts: This location remains undecided until more facts can be established. Right now there is more internet lore regarding this location rather than factual evidence.

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