How-To Make Your Own Binding Bag

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2011-06-26 19:04

Binding Bag

Here is an invocation you can use to transform any bag into a class 2 binding bag. Once you recite the invocation the bag can now serve you as a binding bag so if you place an empty object inside of it and recite the appropriate invocation you can bind spirits or spells to objects yourself! Any objects bound in the bag will be a class 1 or class 2 depending on your invocation skills. You can use this with any of the invocations in our online store. You can place a stone, piece of jewelry, any object you want inside and bind it with a spirit or spell!

Here is the invocation:

Kindly harbor dear friend
A spellbound to you
Ripple softly the winds
Sweeping over you with its magic
That which is placed inside
Now becomes a target of my words
That it becomes a vessel for a spirit

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