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2016-02-24 21:33


                The Aurora (Or Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis, depending on location) is a spectacular light phenomenon.  This seems to change and vary in colors, but it is still beautiful to see if one has a chance.  In fact, this has even caused quite the stir in history.  One such event in France during 1583, a mass of peasants rushed to Paris for prayers and offerings in church.   Even further back, a Roman writer, Pliny, wrote about the Aurora, involving a belief that it was a battle between armies in the sky.  The Maori people see the Aurora Australis as an ancestral fire, one lit by their predecessors.  In a different land, the Aurora Borealis are spirits with torches, so are the Eskimos’ belief; these spirits lead the recently dead to a place like heaven. The eerie or enigmatic sounds are the voices of those spirits who are trying to make contact with those on Earth. 

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