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2016-03-03 21:47

  Four has a unique history in symbolism.  The Pythagorean school of philosophy encouraged the belief that the universe has a pattern involving numbers.  One, was just a dot, zero dimensions. Two, a line, there is length, but no width.  Three, a triangle.  This has both a length and a width, but not a height.  However, four, adds a point that lies above the triangle, giving a length, height, and width.  Four also is associated with the basic elements: fire, air, water, and earth.  Along with this are the four qualities: hot, cold, wet, and dry. Four, unfortunately is also considered to be an unlucky number.  The close relation to Earth can be considered a grim thing.  One may see hotels removing the number 13 in their buildings in the West. However, in some Asian countries, four is the number that is removed.  This is because 'four' can be mistaken for 'death'.  A person who has four letters in their name is someone who is a person of fortification, they are firm and unwavering, however, they lack inspiration-according to numerologists.  Four also is a pragmatic person who has no trouble getting a job done, organization is a strong suit.  

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