Caring For Djinn

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Djinn Care

Bringing home a new spirit can be intimidating as much as it is exciting. This is a How-To to help you!

This applies to Pre-Islamic, Islamic, Arabic, Egyptian, Afrian and Norse Djinn.

How-to Connect:

Once your djinn arrives recite this invocation (at any time):

Last the night
Break the day
Wake the sun, wake the moon
All bindings through the cosmos
You are unto me!
A spirit of my own keeping!
As master to servant so it is a Friend to a Friend!


Your djinn is now tied to you forever!


How-to Contact

Usually collectors feel that energy connection right away but if you don't or you want to make sure you are doing it right here are some helpful tips.

Keep your djinn with you at night. You can wear it, keep it in the bed with your or on your nightstand. As long as it is within 5 feet of you.

Meditate with your djinn between the hours of 12am-1am, 3pm-4pm, 7pm-8pm. Any of these time frames are best to use in meditation because the spirit veil is the thinnest. Meditation doesn't have to be a big show it can be just as simple as sitting in "Quiet Time" with your djinn.

Light candles that are lavender-scented. You can also use incense or other aromatic venues as long as they are lavender-scented. Djinn are attracted to lavender especially female djinn. A second favorite for male djinn is Iris.

Use verbal communication with your djinn in the morning hours. The break of day and the first few following hours are a very spiritual time. Talking with your djinn will be the easiest at this time.

Don't be afraid to chit-chat with your djinn even if it is through thought. Sharing and showing them your life will speed up the bonding process. From the little insignificant details to big decisions your djinn wants to be included.

Remember that there will come a day when you and your djinn are so bonded that you will not even need to have their vessel around to feel them - they will be a part of your life.

What Treats do Djinn Like?

Djinn do not typically like food to be left. They are traditional and aware of the separation in servant to master and to them it is an honor rather than a hindrance. If you want to show your appreciation you can partake in a djinn ritual or spend extra time with them in conversation.


This part of the connection process works with Astral Djinn

This invocation works with Bislip, Iblar and Qorqo djinn:

Mighty wind fall quiet inside my spirit
You are crushed by my power and settled to these astral chains
Do not raise your eyes to mine for I am greater
I will you do my bidding without question

This invocation works with Huna djinn:

Find no solace in this binding great Huna
You are no longer amongst the stars
Gather your power from the abyss
And exercise it for my gain alone

How to Contact

Contact with any astral-born djinn should be made solely through the rites ceremony used in binding. Only the conjurer who bound the djinn can command it and no other. The original stones used in conjuration of the astral djinn is the only key to be used when making a command or wish of the djinn. Take the stones and place them in a circle. Within the circle you will make your wish through the original, opening invocation.

What Treats do Astral Djinn Like?

At no time should you make any gesture of generosity to astral djinn. They view kindness as weakness and are likely to challenge your authority.


This ritual can be used when working with any kind of Djinn


What is a djinn ritual?

Rituals are usually performed over a period of time and use very specific ingredients when the djinn is bound to a vessel. However, there are rituals performed in adoration or appreciation of the djinn.

Here is a simple ritual anyone can perform:

Supplies needed:

2 lavender-scented candles
White sheet

Lay the white sheet out (it doesn't have to be large, it can even be the size of a handkerchief).

Place the candles at either end of the sheet and light them both.

Take your sheet of paper and write a blessing on it - such as "May allah bless and keep you" or "May allah find favor in you today", - any good thought that projects positive light.

Pour sand in the middle of sheet and with a bowed head and your hands over the sand and paper say:

All good things grow of good things
I will remember to keep and spread
The blessings bestowed by allah
With respect, love and honor

Pour the sand in your hands and bow to each candle

Fold the paper and keep it on your person for 24 hours as a reminder of your promise to spread blessings.

This shows reverence and will go a long way to showing your djinn your appreciation and improving your karma to receive even more blessings.

Blow out the candles, wrap up the sheet, bag the sand and keep them for another day. The Powers of the Djinn

Exactly how powerful are the djinn?

Djinn are one of the few entities that can pass between realms. They exist between the astral, physical and spiritual realms. In their natural realm they are second only to allah being classed with powerful entities such as angels and even their adversaries the demons.

When they pass into the spiritual realm they are capable of bending and manipulating spirits, other entities and their powers. They govern and supersede many entities, they can change the pattern, course, power, and manipulate the intent of virtually all that exists in the spiritual realm.

In the physical realm the djinn are capable of manifesting in physical form. The most commonly seen is smoke, they are also capable of polymorphing into humans, animals, plants and even inanimate objects. Their sense of reality is not what humans know and is not what humans are capable of comprehending.

How should I make wishes to my djinn?

This is a personal preference. There are many ways to make known your wishes to your djinn:

Vocal statement

And it is likely over the time you own your djinn you will use all of the above on numerous occasions.

You can verbalize your wish to your djinn when spending time with them alone, in quiet time or meditation.

You can talk to your djinn through thought as djinn can hear what you are thinking.

The longer you own your djinn the more they become a part of you and they will know your secret wishes and burning desires perhaps even before you!

You can write your wishes on paper in a simple ceremony as stated previously except you will write your wish instead of a blessing and instead of folding the paper you will burn it in a tray (or a glass candle holder). You will take the ashes and blow them into the wind.

The choice is yours and they are all the right choice!

Congratulations on your djinn, you will LOVE having a djinn in your life!

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