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Iron Ore Metaphysical

Iron is an ancient metal associated with ancient powers and abilities.  Once mankind had mastered the usage of fire it did not take them long to find the many ways to put fire to good use.

Iron was one of the earliest metals known to be experimented with by mankind.  It was an experiment known to change the face of technology, weaponry, and building for the ancient worlds.

The metaphysical and paranormal properties of iron are longstanding in history.  The scent of human blood is aromatic with the presence of iron, therefore iron itself is said to be a direct link to the lifeforce of mankind.

The Aztecs believed iron was a gift from heaven and were known to have used iron in various applications as early as the 3rd century BC.

The metaphysical and paranormal properties of iron are recorded the world-over.  It is largely believed to bring good luck and protection.  In the not so distant past the English are said to have a saying "Touch wood, no good, touch iron relay on."  While the rhyme is a bit of a stretch the metaphysical properties of iron are not to be overlooked.

Plutarch wrote that iron is the bone of the gods.  The powers of iron are said to rescue you from eye diseases (Italy), save you from a Dragon attack (China), save you from the attack of a crocodile (Burma), an iron horseshoe protects from evil spirits (UK), bury an iron knife at your threshold to keep witches from entering (Europe).  Tibetans used meteoric iron in the construction of their singing bowls and phurbas as they believed in the ethereal power of iron.

Have you ever wondered why old cemeteries all sport a cast iron fence?  Because iron will keep the spirits of those buried in the graveyard from wandering away at night.

The history of iron is steeped richly in its contributions throughout ancient civilizations and periods of time; in both normal and paranormal uses.

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